Eagan Senior Portraits ~ Ben V

Super Fun Eagan Senior Portraits ~ Ben V

Super Fun Eagan Senior Portraits

Outing with Ben


Here we are in September in the middle of senior portrait season. This year is a particularly hot and heavy season partially because we’ve been so active in the community for so many years and many of the kids that we know from the community are graduating this year. So if we were simply photographing some of the kids of friends that we have known throughout the years, that alone would have given us dozens of opportunities to photograph young adults for their senior portraits. But since I’ve been photographing seniors for quite a few years now, word seems to be spreading far and wide and I get requests from across the metro area and across the state to senior portraits for people.

Why I love doing Senior Portraits?

I love doing senior portraits for several reasons. Maybe in this article you will get some ideas why I like to do them so much. Let’s see what we can discover as we take a look at a recent outing with Ben.

Super Fun Eagan Senior Portraits

Super Fun Eagan Senior Portraits

Watching Kids Turn into Adults

One of the biggest reasons why I love doing senior portraits is because sometimes you get to photograph people that you’ve known for 12 or 15 or 17 years now. You have watched them grow up you have interacted with them throughout the years and now you get to see them at the cusp of a new stage of life.

Ben is a young man from our neighborhood. We have been blessed with a neighborhood where people actually know each other and truly enjoy each other. Our neighborhood has a card club. The card club plays the card game 500. This is a very unique card group. We have people in the group that are card sharks and then we have people in the group who still don’t understand the game after more than 10 years of playing. So as you might be able to tell the purpose of the group is not to play great cards. The real purpose of the card game is to allow people to hang together, to get to know each other and just share food and laughs together. Ben’s parents are one of the couples in the card club. Ben’s mom is a card shark.

Super Fun Eagan Senior Portraits

Super Fun Eagan Senior Portraits

So being we’ve spent so much time with Ben’s parents over the years we’ve also gotten to see Ben grow up. We got to see Ben through years of being a very little kid, we’ve see Ben as an awkward teenager and now we get to see Ben as a warm confident young man. Gosh this is so much fun!

Experience So Much of a Person in So Little Time

The second reason why I love senior portraits so much is within about 1 to 2 hours of time on a summer evening you get to experience so many different sides of the personality of a young person. First of all doing senior portraits can be very uncomfortable for some people so you get to see that nervous uncomfortable side of people. After working with them for a little while you start to see them warm up and become more confident and comfortable and relaxed. This is when you get to start to joke with them and they hear their sense of humor also. It’s always a very enjoyable time. You get to hear some of their hopes and dreams for the next stage of life. Because you’re focusing all your attention on this young adult who is with you, often times they are very open and willing to talk. I find that often times they share things that they probably don’t share with anyone else or only with very few people.

Super Fun Eagan Senior Portraits

Super Fun Eagan Senior Portraits

What I really love is when one of these young adults gets pensive, thoughtful and dreamy. They often mentally go off into their own world. You can see the gears spinning in their heads with thoughts and dreams as they are thinking of possibilities to come. Sometimes it’s like in their mind, they’re the only one there, thinking, musing and dreaming and I get to be there and capture these moments. What an incredible opportunity and thrill.

For Ben it was such a joyful positive evening that he was almost exploding with warm smiles and joy throughout the evening. There were times when I was trying to capture him in a more serious expression and every time I would try he kept blowing up into a smile. When that actually happens it becomes a time of joking and smiles and twinkling eyes and expression that you can’t get any other time. It’s so much fun!!


Super Fun Eagan Senior Portraits

Super Fun Eagan Senior Portraits

Yes even during all these smiles and times of laughter we were able to get a few more serious expressions out of Ben, but it took work to get those serious expressions. But again like I had said earlier, within two hours time, I get to see so many sides of a person that you would never get to see in a person unless you were with them 24 hours a day for weeks on end. This is one of few experiences in life that gives you an opportunity to experience so much of a person in so little time.

Bluer Thank Blue
Being in Scandinavian Minnesota and being surrounded with so many Scandinavian or Norwegian people does indeed have its photography benefits. You get to capture people with these amazingly bright blue eyes. Ben was no exception. With all his joy and smiles his eyes just twinkled and those bright baby blues just exploded!! Having eyes like that and expressions like that sure does make it easy for a photographer.

Ben wanted to be a little adventurous during his photography outing him. He wanted to be up on a roof of a building, he wanted to be up in a tree. He wanted us to capture his more mischievous side. Of course these kinds of activities led to all kinds of laughs also.

Super Fun Eagan Senior Portraits

It is always fun with siblings want to get involved in the fun!

Super Fun Eagan Senior Portraits

Being an Eagan based photographer gives me the opportunity to photograph my wonderful clients all the great Eagan locations. The best thing about these great locations is that they are so varied for different looks, they are so close for easy access and they’re so photographer friendly so it’s just easy to work at these locations.

Yes I love photographing seniors, helping them transition as they finish up one phase of life and start into a scary, exciting, huge new phase of life!

I thank you so much Jennifer and John for giving me the opportunity to photograph Ben and capture this thrilling part of life!

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Artsy Pictures for Portraits St Paul and Minneapolis

Artsy Pictures for Portraits St Paul and Minneapolis
Artsy Pictures for Portraits

In general I’m a normal portrait kind of guy. I do senior portraits, model portfolio portraits and I do family portraits. But recently I was challenged to do artsy pictures as portraits. You know what I mean? We are talking about the new modern hipster style of pictures.

Artsy Pictures for Portraits St Paul and Minneapolis
You see my daughter is an up and coming singer and she needs to build her portfolio of pictures to help communicate her story to her larger audience. She is also surrounded by some of the most incredible singers, photographers and artists so she is influenced by the latest and greatest styles and trends.

Check out the work of Sean Earl Sullivan for example https://www.facebook.com/SeanEarlPhotography

Needless to say, I’m a little bit of old fashioned and it’s a bit of a challenge keeping up with all these fast moving trends, but in this case I think I was up for the challenge.

Artsy Pictures for Portraits St Paul and Minneapolis
Nicole and I had worked on a model portfolio photo session recently so she had gotten to see some great areas in St Paul. She knew she wanted to explore St Paul for this particular session also. There are so many cool old buildings, great brick buildings, wonderful alleys, fantastic textures and generally you can for the most part hide from the harsh direct sunlight.

Artsy Pictures for Portraits St Paul and Minneapolis

I tend to do all my work on location using natural light as much as possible, so we’re always at the mercy of the particular conditions of the day. This particular day was about 90 to 95 degrees with mostly sunny skies. Nicole’s schedule is generally very tight too so we knew we were only going to be able to do this photo session during some short moments that she had available. So we had to shoot on this particular hot day with mid-day harsh light. Yikes, in general that’s a huge no no for photographers. We hate mid-day light. So we we’re going to have to be crazy creative and adventurous.

Artsy Pictures for Portraits St Paul and Minneapolis

Nicole sent me a bunch of links to photo artists that she was being influenced by. We wanted to try to make sure we were on the same page as far as the vision of the day. Being this particular style was not my style she was going to have to be the director of the session. She needed to have artistic vision and really have a good sense of many of the images she actually wanted captured. She felt a little bit unsure of herself at first because she had never been in a Director role and that is not her natural inclination. After a little bit of discussing the possibilities and with some prodding from me the wheels of creativity quickly started rolling.

Bricks and Alleys

We had seen a bunch of buildings with awesome grunge brick walls in their alleyways and we knew we were going to use those. Alleys often times offer less harsh, more diffuse or reflected light so they are perfect for photo sessions. Here are some of the images we found in the alleys.

Artsy Pictures for Portraits St Paul and Minneapolis

Union Depot

After we explored in the alleys for a while and got some great content it was time to be a little bit more adventurous. Nicole needed a place to change into a different outfit so we ran into Union Depot in St Paul.

Artsy Pictures for Portraits St Paul and Minneapolis

Wow Union Depot is a treasure trove of textures colors and fabulous light! We could have stayed in Union Depot all day long and the results were so fantastic that we would have just loved to stay there but it was time to adventure even further.

Out in the Direct Sunlight

So believe it or not we were crazy enough to go out into the direct sunlight on a 90 degree plus day. There were a few clouds floating by every once in a while to give us a little bit of cover but for the most part it was direct harsh sunlight. So our plan of action was to try to find little nooks or crannies that would give us some cover for a while and that also had great textures to add to the artsy feel of the portrait. We were so surprised, frankly blown away, that as we put ourselves in that environment and ventured out into the heat and sun we were indeed able to find some great locations which offered great opportunities for incredibly interesting portraits.

Artsy Pictures for Portraits St Paul and Minneapolis
We found this great wall that was built with old railroad ties. The colors and textures were so rich and inviting we knew we had to take some images here.
Then we found an incredible rock wall that had some iron work directly on the wall. It’s really crazy the things you find when you stop and look and pay attention just a little bit.


So all in all I think the event was incredibly successful. These images are of a first round of editing of some of the images that will then be added in many different ways using many different filters and techniques for editing but the raw content that we gathered this particular afternoon was frankly mind-blowing to both of us. We were getting like children at Christmas when we started going through the images. We knew our outing had been extremely successful.

Thanks for the fun: thanks for the great opportunity to stretch my skills and frankly just to enjoy a great afternoon with you.

If you’re looking to have some awesome artsy portraits taken feel please contact me and let’s set something up. We can do some creative brainstorming and then go out and create some amazing art!

Until next time, get out and capture the adventure!

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Eagan Senior Portraits Joe Bosshardt

Eagan Senior Portraits

Joe Bosshardt Sr Portrait Session

I love shooting senior portraits! Why you ask? Well first off, I am been watching many of these young adults that I get to photograph for years as they have grown up with my kids.

Eagan Senior Portraits Cool Senior Portraits

Eagan Senior Portrait ~ Joe Bosshardt photo session

Now, they are getting ready for their youthful high school magnum opus and they are filled with excitement, expectation, hopes and yes some fear. This is probably the year in school that they will be the most confident, the most gifted and they will have the most opportunities presented to them. So it is in preparation for this year of great opportunities and this time of huge transitions that we get to spend some time, chat and shoot these photographs. We get to spend a few hours talking about the year to come and the plans ahead. We also get to reminisce about the years gone by and joke about some of the successes and some of the trials.


Eagan Senior Portraits Cool Senior Portraits

Eagan Senior Portrait ~ Joe Bosshardt photo session

For many kids, their senior year in high school is the most exciting year of their life. They have been honing skills for years and in some ways they are at the very top of their game. And this is the year that they get to take all that work and practice and show themselves and the world that it was all worth it.

It is also a year of angst as they might be preparing for that next stage in life. Whether that stage is college, or a job, or moving away from home, or whatever it may be, this stage can cause some anxiety.

At the end of the senior year there will be time for remembering and a time for tears and so as a part of life comes to an end, hopefully the ending will be filled with such great memories. But, as one phase of life comes to an end, news phases and new doors open up. The senior year is filled with so many hopes and dreams of what is to come.

The next phase for so many of the students will be going off to college. So the senior year for many will include visits to these colleges whether they are local visits or running around the country or for some running around the world. This year will be filled with many college visits.

Eagan Senior Portraits Cool Senior Portraits

Eagan Senior Portrait ~ Joe Bosshardt photo session

Photographing Joe was indeed a pleasure. We have known Joe and his family for years so in a way this was old home day. On this particular day my wife Anne was my assistant and Joe’s mom was along for the adventure. Anne and Joe’s mom Laura we’re chatting away throughout the evening. More than once I had to pull them away from their chatting so I could focus my assistant on helping me with lighting. The interesting thing about having them close by chatting was that their specific topic of the moment would either cause Joe and me to laugh or to talk about them or give us another topic to converse about. Those moments of us laughing helped to create some great expressions for the images.
During the evening we got to hear more details of Joe’s successes throughout high school and we got to hear more of his plans for college. He is such an interesting mix of the math and science mind with wonderful sports talents and abilities. It will be so much fun to watch where those skills and talents take him in life.


We photographed Joe at a couple of local spots. Holz Farm is a perennial favorite for many local photographers. It offers so many different great settings, great lighting and it’s free and open to the public. There are barns, sheds, homesteads, fields, gardens, fences and more. What more can a photographer ask for?


Eagan Senior Portraits Cool Senior Portraits

Eagan Senior Portrait ~ Joe Bosshardt photo session

Lebanon Hills Regional Park is a Dakota County Park which is a huge area with many different landscape settings and interesting areas to photograph. There’s of course gorgeous wooded areas, grass lands and there are wonderfully flowered areas that are perfect for great color yes even for the guys. There are lakes and rivers and a few great bridges throughout the park. As the summer progresses some of the grasslands get very tall and it makes for such a great image when you photograph way above your model and they’re standing in very deep grass.

All in all, or evening with photographing Joe I think was a great success. Joe had fun yesterday stands had fun I had fun and we captured some great memories that will be a huge part of an entire family’s life. Thanks Joe and Laura for letting us capture a wonderful part of your life!

Eagan Senior Portraits Cool Senior Portraits

If you are looking for help capturing your senior, you can find more details here: Eagan Senior Portraits

If you are looking for great information on what to wear for senior portraits check this out.

Nothing but the best Eagan Senior Portraits!


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Amy Bjornson Actress Portfolio Photography Session

Amy Bjornson Actress Portfolio Photography Session

Amy contacted me about 6 months ago to help her work on her acting/model portfolio headshots and assorted images.  She has some great ideas of who she is and who she wants to portray and what she wants to do as she breaks in to the acting world.  We took that information and we worked together over the next few months throwing ideas back and forth to see what would work perfectly for her.  Finally, this past week we were able to get together and do a photography session for her and now you get to see the results.

Amy Bjornson Actress Portfolio Photography Session

The classic beauty of Amy Bjornson

The purpose of this session was to get headshots so she can use them for auditions and for her profile on various casting websites.  Our goal for this session was to capture her personality and her natural beauty while attempting to use natural light, a little nature and the city.

Selecting Locations

There were two general locations that came to mind immediately. I love Sibley House historic site in Mendota, Minnesota both for its great access to natural beauty but also for the old structures that have such wonderful classic old brickwork that would be perfect for this kind of photo session. Then I thought of downtown Saint Paul because of all the lovely brickwork, the interesting alleys and the historic Union Depot.  The Union Depot is always fun to photograph in and around and the staff there is quite helpful and supportive.

First Session Sibley House Historic Site

For the first session we went to Sibley House for an evening shoot. I love to shoot in the evening because of that gorgeous golden light that happens several hours before sunset.  We were not disappointed this particular evening.  There was a thin overcast but it allowed some of that wonderful golden to filter through.

Amy Bjornson Actress Portfolio Photography Session

Amy casual

Amy had two outfits for that particular evening; one was very casual but the other, a gorgeous classic red dress. The red dress was something that you would see on the set of a movie like “Pride and Prejudice” or something similar.  Once I saw that dress I knew it was going to be the main outfit for the evening. So I had to work my poses around that dress.

Amy Bjornson Actress Portfolio Photography Session

Amy in “That Red Dress”

Keep in mind again the purpose of this session was mainly for headshots for auditions but there’s always a reason for a broader portfolio of images that capture a personality.  I was going to take advantage of this dress to capture the broader personality also.

Amy has a very fun and silly side to her personality, but I purposefully calmed that side down just a little bit. For this photo session I was trying to capture her classic beauty that would enable her to be cast as the leading lady or the love interest in many shows.

The classic brickwork, balcony and porches of the structures at the Sibley House played perfectly into capturing her classic beauty.

Amy Bjornson Actress Portfolio Photography Session

Amy Bjornson as Elizabeth Bennet “Pride and Prejudice”

My favorite image from the entire night is her standing on a balcony overlooking the landscape in the red dress. From that image I see her as “Jane Eyre” or Elizabeth Bennet in “Pride and Prejudice” or Elinor Dashwood in “Sense and Sensibility”.

Downtown Saint Paul Photo Session

The second session was in downtown Saint Paul. What I love about downtown St. Paul is all the interesting alleyways, all the great older brickwork and the wonderful light. You cannot find a shadow just about anywhere and then you’ll get wonderful light reflecting from the buildings and windows even in the shadowed areas.


This particular morning it was a bright blue morning with a few clouds rolling overhead so the Sun would go behind the clouds every once in a while but for the most part it was quite bright and wonderful. So there were plenty of light in the alleys.  The crowds were very small so we had our freedom to explore and shoot in the city.  My job was to helping Amy feel comfortable and in her place in the city.

Amy Bjornson Actress Portfolio Photography Session

Amy Comfortable in the City

We found many nooks and crannies that we could shoot in.  There is an interesting brick wall around every corner. There are great windows and structures doorways all kinds of interesting things.

Amy Bjornson Actress Portfolio Photography Session

Amy on the Royal Enfield motorcyle lent by “Books for Africa” 

The best surprise came when the shop owner from “Books for Africa” came out of his shop and saw us photographing by the wall next to his shop. He was going to be leaving on his classic motorcycle. He made the comment that “my motorcycle would be much better with a lovely young woman on it then with him riding it” and he volunteered the use of his motorcycle for a few shots.  We had to think fast for what might be appropriate on a motorcycle.  Amy was wearing a dress at the moment so we had to be a little bit careful. Also the sun was shining a little bit harshly so it made for some interesting lighting conditions.  All in all I think we were able to get some interesting shops on the classic motorcycle also.

Amy Bjornson Actress Portfolio Photography Session

Amy at Saint Paul’s Union Depot

All in all photo sessions were an incredible success. Amy has some great material for her portfolio and she will be able to submit the images for auditions of many different types as she moves forward with her acting career.

This outing with Amy was such a great adventure and it reminds me again why I love photography so much. You get to work with great people you get to explore great scenes and you must be creative on the fly to capture the best images possible.

About Amy Bjornson:

As an aspiring actress, my mission is to help transform the entertainment industry into a more faith-based, family-friendly, positive role model business than it is at present.

I believe the world needs more of Christ, and I’d like to help spread His Glory and let Him shine through me, to make this world a better place to live in.

So if you are looking for a fresh face and some great acting skills for your next film you may want to contact Amy @ http://casting360.com/AmyBjornson

If you are interested in booking a model session or a headshot session for your acting or modeling portfolio just feel free to contact me.  You can find more details on pricing here.

Until next time, get out and capture the adventure!


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Art Sale ~ Finally Get the Print You Have Been Wanting

You can’t believe it I know, but it’s already the end of summer. In the upper Midwest, that is a very big deal.  It is time to start taking life, home and the office seriously again.  It is time to get that decorating done that you have been trying to get done for months now. It is time to finally buy that amazing work of art for either your home or office that you have been thinking about but have been putting off way too long. NOW IS THE TIME!!

This is Wayne Moran at Let There Be Light Fine Art Photographywww.LetThereBeLightFineArtPhotography.com  I have been out all summer long capturing the incredible beauty that you will want to hang in your home or office.
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Thanks for all your support and get out and capture the adventure!
Be sure to share this with your friends for even more discounts.

Be sure to tell all your friends.

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Huge Sale on Wayne Moran Prints

There is a huge sale going on for Fine Art Prints by Wayne Moran.

You can find more details here.


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Touring Chicago

If you ever go to Chicago as a tourist or you have always wanted to go, then this is a must read article by my friend John VanOverbeke which describes in rich detail why Chicago is a must visit location.

While you are there enjoy all the great images from a recent trip to “My Kind Of Town”.

Touring Chicago What to Photograph in Chicago

Touring Chicago

Enjoy the journey in pictures. Touring Chicago 

Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States, after New York City and Los Angeles. With 2.7 million residents, it is the most populous city in both the U.S. state of Illinois and the American Midwest. Its metropolitan area, sometimes called Chicagoland, is home to 9.5 million people and is the third-largest in the United States.  Chicago is the seat of Cook County, although a small part of the city extends into DuPage County.
Chicago was incorporated as a city in 1837, near a portage between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River watershed, and experienced rapid growth in the middle nineteenth century. Today, the city is an international hub for finance, commerce, industry, telecommunications, and transportation, with O’Hare International Airport being the second-busiest airport in the world in terms of traffic movements. It has the fourth-largest gross domestic product (GDP) among metropolitan areas in the world, ranking behind Tokyo, New York, and Los Angeles, and ahead of London and Paris. Chicago is listed as an alpha+ global city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network, and ranks seventh in the world in the 2012 Global Cities Index.

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Bayfield Wisconsin Photography Adventure

Bayfield Wisconsin Photography Adventure Wayne Moran Fine Art Photography

Bayfield Wisconsin Photography Adventure

Many of you have been asking me questions like, “Is Questions and Answers Blog still alive?”  The answer to that question may be just a little bit complicated.  The old Questions and Answers blog that you have come to know and love is not going away any time soon but for the time being I have consolidated my efforts at building a new project.  You may have heard of the new web site http://www.LetThereBeLightFineArt.com.  All of my new blogging for the time being is going to that site so I can build up a site that is completely dedicated to my fine art photography work.

So with that in mind I would love for you to go over there and check out the recent post on my Bayfield Wisconsin Photography adventure. While you are there please subscribe to the blog so that you stay up on all of the latest and greats news and adventures.

Thank you for your years of support and encouragement.  It is because of your wonderful encouragement that I am able to continue doing this.

Thank you.

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What to Wear For Senior Portraits

What to Wear for Senior Portraits

The first question that comes to most of my clients mind as they consider having their senior portraits taken is what should I wear? So to answer all your questions I have written this article to give you confidence that you are making the right choice and now you are ready for a wonderful photo session.

What to Wear

I have put together a few suggestions on clothing to help you have a great portrait session creating truly flattering images.

Eagan Senior Portrait Photographer Alyssa Oakmas Session

What to wear for senior portraits

First and foremost, you really want your face and expressions to stand out in your portrait. Everything else is secondary. When photographed against a medium or dark background, dark or medium toned colors photograph best for your close-up poses. And of course, darker shades are more slimming.

For shirts and tops, avoid colors that are too similar to your skin color. (These might be a brown, beige, tan, or very pale peach, and very pale gray). For many people these shades can drain the color from your face, making you appear washed-out.

Bring a variety of color, don’t bring all blue outfits even if it is your favorite color. Change up the style, bring some dressy, some semi-dressy, and some casual outfits that express who you are.

When planning your outfits think about your complete look from head to toe. We will taking photos that are close-up, full length, and some in between. So you want to think about shoes and accessories too.

What to wear for Senior portraits

Casual and Stylish

Casual portraits give you much more variety in clothing, color and style. We can also be much more creative with our digital imaging.


You can choose your favorite sports outfit, sundress, slouchy sweaters, shorts or jeans outfit. Pick the colors you really like. Chances are, they’re colors others say look really good on you, too. Textures are great, as are interesting hats, belts, jackets and scarves.


Eagan Senior Portraits Cool Senior Portraits

You can choose your jeans, casual or sports wear, letterman jacket. You may want to bring your sports uniform and equipment.  I have been finding really great results with guys in solid colors and long selves.   Like this picture of Joe above,  It is awesome .    BTW, use the color of the shirt to blend with skin tones or eyes.

Dressier Looks


Wear a neckline that is flattering to your face and neck: Round faces, square jaw lines, or shorter necks look best in a v-neck as opposed to a round or crew neck. Thin faces, pointy chins, and very long necks look better in a boatneck, crew neck, or round neckline.

Avoid tops with large, contrasty, distracting patterns. Solid colors are much better. Unless your arms are super-skinny, avoid short sleeves because they make arms look heavier and shorter. If you feel your arms are heavy, sleeveless looks are great but avoid “spaghetti” straps. They too can draw attention away from the face.


A sport coat and pants work great. An alternative look would be a dress shirt and a sweater that is a solid color or has a slight pattern. If you want to wear only a dress shirt and tie, wear a colored shirt. White shirts look best under a jacket.

Outdoor Portraits

location senior beach portrait
Bring an outfit that blends with the colors of the outdoors, be it the park or the beach. If you are the outdoor sports kind of person, let’s create something special with your gear.

Wear blue jeans or khaki pants unless you want a dressier look (girls, wear longer, flowing dresses.)

Additional Tips

Be sure to include one outfit mom will like– we can still do plenty of stuff you like!

Be sure to iron any of your clothing that is wrinkled prior to you portrait session.

If you choose clothing with large words on it – please bring an alternate piece because somethimes text on clothing may not photograph well.

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Learn the Fundamentals of Photography

You can learn the fundamentals of photography

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Nowadays, however, those words are in danger of being swallowed by the existential void.

Over 90 million digital images are uploaded each day to Instagram alone, which has led some critics to comment on the sensory overload of photographs floating around cyberspace.

Learn the fundamentals of photography

Consequently, it’s humbling to be sent a reminder of a time when photography was a much more laborious – but some would argue more valuable – process.

That, however, will remain a subjective viewpoint.

To remind us how far photography has come, though, this interesting timeline shows its evolution of from 1000AD to the present day, and highlights some extremely important technological advances in between.

For example, did you know that the first fixed, permanent photograph from nature – View from the Window at Le Gras – was taken by a French scientist?

How about the first color photograph?

Well, that was created by a Scottish physicist who photographed the image three times through red, blue and yellow filters before recombining the images into one colour composite.

Hard to imagine anyone going to such lengths these days, isn’t it?

However, for many budding photographers, it’s important to know the historical processes – and the science behind them – in order to fully appreciate the art.

To do this, most amateurs would be well advised to enroll in a professional photography course.

By learning the fundamentals during a degree course, up and coming photographers can begin to understand the professionalism required and the relevance of these processes when trying to develop a career in photography.

In addition, it’s crucial that a wide range of photography skills are gleaned – not just digital photography – which is key in building an impressive portfolio to send to potential employers.
This, along with studying histories, theories and modern practices, encourages students to experiment and take risks in order to push the envelope and begin to create their own version of photographic history.

Check out these amazing minneapolis prints!

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