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As a Minnesota based photographer and artist I have been greatly influenced by the Upper Midwest. I focus my skills and energies on landscapes, cityscapes, architectural, fine art and portrait work. My best work comes from images first painted in my mind. I mull over a prospective image for weeks or months, seeing it from different angles and perspectives, then finally deciding what to capture. The result is images that deeply touch people's emotions and powerfully evoke memories and dreams. My images are used commercially by companies and organizations ranging from Financial Services firms, mom and pop Ice Cream shops and The Basilica of St Mary to communicate their shared vision and values. Book and magazine publishers have featured my images on their covers. My photographs also grace and enhance the decor of many fine homes.

What to Wear For Senior Portraits

The first question that comes to most of my clients mind as they consider having their senior portraits taken is what should I wear? So to answer all your questions I have written this article to give you confidence that you are making the right choice and now you are ready for a wonderful photo session. Continue reading

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World Premiere of

Welcome to the World Premiere of

The website is functional and gets a ton of traffic but I have been getting feedback for years that it does not really display the fine art nature of my photography in a user friendly and it certainly needed a major overhaul. Instead of risking losing all of the current traffic that it gets by deleting all kinds of existing content I decided it was time to launch an entirely new website that complete focuses on my Fine Art Photography. Continue reading

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Red Bull Crashed Ice 2013 St Paul MN

Red Bull Crashed Ice 2013 St Paul MN
Folks from Red Bull must really love the Twin Cities Minneapolis/St Paul because they have done so many events here Continue reading

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Why photographs are so important

As a photographer, I know how important images are for people to be able to capture certain memories, and it is my mission to share this knowledge with as many people as possible. Firstly, one of the main functions of a photograph is to capture the atmosphere of a moment or memory that is special in some way. There is something to be said about gazing at an image and having it evoke memories and emotions in you, feelings that had been fading with time. With a photograph, you will never forget something that you want to remember, and you will always be able to refresh it in you memory. Continue reading

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Feel free to contact me. Phone: 952-210-1309 email: Facebook: Wayne Moran Facebook Twitter: Flickr:

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About Biography I was born in southern California the middle of five children. I loved to camp in the mountains and swim in the ocean. We moved to central Minnesota to be closer to family and I finished up grade … Continue reading

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