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How Bad is the US Debt Problem?

Do you have any idea how bad the US debt problem is? Does it matter at all? I had those exact same questions so I set out to do a little research to try to figure this out and satisfy my curious little brain. This paper is the result of that search. Continue reading

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Adventures on the Light Rail – The Sales Guys

Would you agree with me that sometimes sales guys can have a questionable reputation? I do not know, there is just something about some of them that I can not quite put my finger on. Maybe the thing is I sense that I can not really trust some of them. I have many friends and family members that are indeed great people and great sales people so this does not implicate every single sales person but there maybe some generalizing wisdom that might be gleaned from this experience. Maybe hearing some recent conversations among sales men on the train, better known as the light rail, just maybe these conversations will give us some valid reasons for those queasy feelings in out stomach when dealing with some sales people. Continue reading

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Lake Calhoun Minneapolis Morning Light

Lake Calhoun Minneapolis Morning Light
This location is one of the most iconic in the city of Minneapolis. It is beautiful day or night, summer or winter.
This is a more artistic view of this classic scene…
Have a great evening friends.
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Book Review: The Little Book That Beats the Market: Joel Greenblatt

This book is a short little piece with lots of humor, but do not mistake it’s brevity for lack of content and power. The methodology that this book recommends is so easy and so powerful that the author risks having the reader not taking it seriously. I beg you, take this seriously and you will be handsomely rewarded.
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Doing what you believe to be right even at a cost

So today I received a call from AARP (Yes the huge senior’s organization). At first I was thinking I was getting old and they were calling to offer me a membership. But alas, it was something else. They were calling to request that I would be their photographer at the Minnesota State Fair. I would get all kinds of press coverage and get links to my web site and all that stuff bla bla bla…
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Jubilee Celebration 2009!

Saturday, September 19 offered plenty of sunshine and thousands of reasons to smile. For God’s glory, Jubilee Celebration 2009 succeeded in blessing approximately 1700 people in need. Also blessed were the over 300 volunteers from 17 churches in the surrounding south metro area. Thank you to everyone who came and everyone who gave of their time, efforts and resources!
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Creation Originally uploaded by !!WaynePhotoGuy. Listening to: Haydn: Die Schopfung (The Creation), Genesis 1The Beginning 1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 Now the earth was [a] formless and empty, darkness was over the surface … Continue reading

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Who I Am….

A very good friend of mine (find Elsa’s work here) shared with me this piece that she had written.  I was so blow away by it that I had to share it with you.  I hope this touches you like … Continue reading

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Homosexual Rights Group – Early Supporter of VIRTUS in Twin Cities

This letter went out yesterday from . From: Dear Parents, You may have missed this in the previous broadcast message due to its length.  Some additional information is provided. A question was raised at the meeting that if … Continue reading

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The Cost of becoming a Christian in Afghanistan

Of course you don’t hear this in the MSM but this is what happens pretty regularly in the Muslim world.  Abdul Rahman is facing a death sentence for becoming a Christian.  What a heinous crime! One bystander states… "Cut off … Continue reading

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