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Homosexual Rights Group – Early Supporter of VIRTUS in Twin Cities

This letter went out yesterday from primaryeducators.org . From: webmaster@primaryeducators.org Dear Parents, You may have missed this in the previous broadcast message due to its length.  Some additional information is provided. A question was raised at the meeting that if … Continue reading

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News and comments today

The Pope is being challenged by gay priest for his stong position against homosexual priest. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,178769,00.html Be careful what you ask for!  Anne Coulter wonders with so many republicans up on charges, why is she not getting arrested? A heartwarming … Continue reading

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Another Class of Parents

Another special class of parent has been created. Link: FOXNews.com – U.S. & World – Lesbian to Seek Parental Rights in Wash.. OLYMPIA, Wash. — The Washington state Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that a woman who raised a child … Continue reading

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High school hosts ‘National Coming Out’

Another bublic school prinipal and school has their head on backwards.  Wake up parents. Link: High school hosts ‘National Coming Out’. High school hosts ‘National Coming Out’ Parents protest campus events, including ‘gay’ film festival

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Watch out for the doll makers: American Girl

American Girl doll manufacturer has launch what appears to be a program that helps boost girls "self-esteem".  Whenever you hear those words watch out.  What is really lurking in the dark corners? "Parents need to know that this effort to … Continue reading

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Make My Kid Gay…

Pop singer Moby wants to "Make my kid gay".  How would you like a dad like that? Complete story here…

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