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Supreme Court is Falling Apart

The Politicalteen has a story about how par of the facade on the Supreme Court building fell off.  I thought that this is very symbolic to the actual falling apart of the Judiciary System with so much Judicial activism.  

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Another Class of Parents

Another special class of parent has been created. Link: FOXNews.com – U.S. & World – Lesbian to Seek Parental Rights in Wash.. OLYMPIA, Wash. — The Washington state Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that a woman who raised a child … Continue reading

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Bush Wins World Series with Sam Alito Nomination

If the New York Times already comes out hating Alito, he has to be gooD Link: Nomination Likely to Please G.O.P., but Not Some Democrats – New York Times. President Bush nominated Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr., who currently serves … Continue reading

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Appeals court hears ‘Islamic indoctrination’ case

This is disturbing news.  In California (as goes California, so goes the country) the schools are indoctrinating the children on how do become Muslims. A case brought by parents and children challenging a California school district for its practice of … Continue reading

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