Roe v. Wade anniversary

On this 33rd Roe v. Wade anniversary I would like to do a little math.

Abortion has been "legal" for 33 years now.  According to the many sources (do your own research if you don’t believe me), in the US there are approimately 3000 abortions per hour.  There are 365 days per year.

So 33 * 3000 * 365 = 36,135,000 abortions since 1973.  This is actually a very conserverative estimate (but what the heck, Im a conservative).

According to liberal propaganda, they want abortions to legal, safe and rare.  The question for you today is, do you think 36 million abortions in 33 yrs is rare?  The proaborts are telling a big lie.  How long with you believe it?      


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3 Responses to Roe v. Wade anniversary

  1. DA says:

    There are 3 types of lies:
    1) Great big whoppers.
    2) Little white lies.
    3) And, “Statistics”.

  2. Jerry s says:

    Are you saying you don’t believe there are that many abortions DA?
    If you have a point, it would be great if you made the point with real information.
    Government numbers and even planned parenthood’s numbers would agree with 3000 abortions per hour. Open your eyes to the truth. Those that do not want to know the truth just close their mind to it. It is much easier to live with themselves that way.

  3. Lu says:

    I think you have a good point. Both sides want abortion to be rare, and eventually unecessary in a perfect world. But unfortunately it’s necessary for gender equality.
    So why don’t you quit your holy boo-hooin’ and do something sane to prevent abortion, like supporting sex education in school and publicly funding contraception/birth control methods. Outlawing abortion will only hurt women AND children becuase it will drive women to seek illegal abortions… which are still abortions, btw.
    So let’s bring women out of their ignorant darkness, liberate them, and give them the resources necessary to control their own bodies and reproductive destinies. Sounds logical to me.

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