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Adventures on the Light Rail – The Sales Guys

Would you agree with me that sometimes sales guys can have a questionable reputation? I do not know, there is just something about some of them that I can not quite put my finger on. Maybe the thing is I sense that I can not really trust some of them. I have many friends and family members that are indeed great people and great sales people so this does not implicate every single sales person but there maybe some generalizing wisdom that might be gleaned from this experience. Maybe hearing some recent conversations among sales men on the train, better known as the light rail, just maybe these conversations will give us some valid reasons for those queasy feelings in out stomach when dealing with some sales people. Continue reading

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Drug Deal on the Metro Transit Light Rail

Drug Deal on the Metro Transit Light Rail

So I had an interesting experience this afternoon riding home from work on the lightrail train in Minneapolis. I had left work early enough so that the train was not full of professionals and corporate types, you know like me. There were many lower income people most of whom are great hardworking individuals just trying to eek out a living for themselves and their family.

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