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Amazon Closes Minnesota Accounts

Amazon Closes Minnesota Accounts

I received this email below from Amazon.com this morning for all of my business accounts there. This is another great example of terrible policy produces terrible results. Thanks Governor Dayton and Democrats, much of my business revenue has just been devastated. Continue reading

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Movie Review: End of the Spear

Last night my wife and I went to the newly released movie End of the Spear.  It is basically the story of 5 missionaries that are speared to death in the Jungles of Equador by the Amazon river by members … Continue reading

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Destroying the Icons of Radical Feminism

This morning Bill Bennett had Kate O’Beirne of National Review Online on his show mostly discussing the Sam Alito Supreme Court Judicial Court confirmation hearings that are getting under way. O’Beirne recently wrote a piece  that outlines her dream speech … Continue reading

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