Why does Hollywood hate Israel?

The new Israel bashing movie "Paradise Now" is another fine example of Hollywood hating Israel.

Link: Ynetnews – Culture – Oscar nominee: People hate Israelis for a reason.

HOLLYWOOD – Hany Abu-Assad’s film "Paradise Now" left few Israelis indifferent. The movie, which depicts the story of two young Palestinians in Nablus who were chosen by a local terror group to carry out a suicide bombing in Israel, and which trails their preparations ahead of the attack, infuriated many in the country, most notably publicist Irit Linor, who in an opinion column in Ynet called "Paradise Now" "a quality Nazi film."

In an effort to be fair and balanced I ask you why does Hollywood not put out any pro Israel films?


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  1. Abraham Sears says:

    Think again. Both John Wayne and Kirk Douglas starred in a pro-Israeli film. I do not remember the title of the movie, but the word “shadow” is in the title.

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