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South Dakota bans most abortions

South Dakota has now been placed on the map as a state that is not afraid of a big fight.  The Gov has signed into law legislation that would ban almost all abortions.  These guys know there is going to … Continue reading

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South Dakota Abortion Ban?

This would be a huge milestone.  South Dakota Legislature To Consider Abortion Ban.  We know the libs will go apoplectic on this, but that is only to be expected.  Thanks for the courage SD Legislature.

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Gay Marriage: Let the People Decide

It seems that in every state were this issue of gay marriage goes to the people for a vote, it gets voted down.  It has happened in ultra liberal California and it is about to happen in super ultra liberal … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage vs. Smoking & Gambling

Full Metal Attorney posts an analysis on why Gay Marriage banning should or should not be any different than smoking bans or gambling bans.  This is a very thought provolking read. Gay Marriage vs. Smoking & Gambling.

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