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Art Sale ~ Finally Get the Print You Have Been Wanting

HUGE LABOR DAY ART SALE!!  You can’t believe it I know, but it’s already the end of summer. In the upper Midwest, that is a very big deal.  It is time to start taking life, home and the office seriously … Continue reading

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Touring Chicago

If you ever go to Chicago as a tourist or you have always wanted to go, then this is a must read article by my friend John VanOverbeke which describes in rich detail why Chicago is a must visit location. … Continue reading

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Bayfield Wisconsin Photography Adventure

Many of you have been asking me questions like, “Is Questions and Answers Blog still alive?” The answer to that question may be just a little bit complicated. The old Questions and Answers blog that you have come to know and love is not going away any time soon but for the time being I have consolidated my efforts at building a new project. Continue reading

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World Premiere of LetThereBeLightFineArt.com

Welcome to the World Premiere of LetThereBeLightFineArt.com

The website WayneMoran.com is functional and gets a ton of traffic but I have been getting feedback for years that it does not really display the fine art nature of my photography in a user friendly and it certainly needed a major overhaul. Instead of risking losing all of the current traffic that it gets by deleting all kinds of existing content I decided it was time to launch an entirely new website that complete focuses on my Fine Art Photography. Continue reading

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Hoar frost Minnesota Morning

Many of you who do not live in Minnesota may think Minnesota is a frozen wasteland much of the year. It may even be true that as I get a little older there are more and more reasons to agree with that description of this place. But even a frozen wasteland has its advantages. Once in a while we in Minnesota get to experience the amazing spectacle of God’s creation in the magic of hoar frost. Continue reading

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Graffiti Graveyard Duluth MN

Have you ever heard of the concept Graffiti Graveyard? I did a little Google search to see if this was a common name and if there were places like this throughout the country or even throughout the world but all I have not come up with anything. So this must be something peculiar to the City of Duluth Minnesota. Continue reading

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