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Bayfield Wisconsin Photography Adventure

Many of you have been asking me questions like, “Is Questions and Answers Blog still alive?” The answer to that question may be just a little bit complicated. The old Questions and Answers blog that you have come to know and love is not going away any time soon but for the time being I have consolidated my efforts at building a new project. Continue reading

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Graffiti Graveyard Duluth MN

Have you ever heard of the concept Graffiti Graveyard? I did a little Google search to see if this was a common name and if there were places like this throughout the country or even throughout the world but all I have not come up with anything. So this must be something peculiar to the City of Duluth Minnesota. Continue reading

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Canvas Prints

If you have never tried printing huge canvas prints, now just might be the time.

I was contacted by the industries Brendan at Easy Canvas Prints to see if I would do a review on their canvas prints. I immediately agreed because I have never printed any of my images large on canvas and it was high time that I got it done. So I jumped at the chance to create a canvas print.

Easy Canvas Prints (http://www.easycanvasprints.com/) offers high quality, gallery-ready prints at an affordable price. I was a bit overwhelmed with the possibilities that could be created. But not only that, Easy Canvas Prints also offers an extensive idea gallery (http://www.easycanvasprints.com/idea-gallery/) – a wedding picture, a beach picture from our recent trip to North Carolina, a picture of the pups or a nice family photo. The possibilities are endless. I knew I wanted to keep my canvas landscape related or something to do with fine art. I knew just the image, the pier shot for North Carolina!! Most excellent. Continue reading

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U2 Minneapolis 2011 – The 360 Tour

U2 Minneapolis 2011 – The 360 Tour

This may have been the concert of a life time.
There is a reason why U2 has experienced such huge success and career longevity in this crazy music industry when many bands can’t sell any albums (ok cds, dvds or mp3s) and most bands cannot fill up a giant venue. That reason is showmanship and respect for the audience. U2 puts on a show that will blow your mind, and probably your ears also (my ears are still ringing). Continue reading

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How to Photograph Fireworks Displays

Every year around the 4th of July I get the question how do you shot images from the great national holiday that look rich and capture part of the experience? It looks so hard it must be next to impossible to do right?

Well with a little bit of knowledge and some basic equipment, and essentials, you can capture these moments using your digital camera allowing you to keep these moments for posterity. So even if you’ve never tried photographing fireworks displays, it’s relatively easy to do using the information presented below.
Continue reading

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Camera review Panasonic Lumix GF2 – Part II

Do you ever get tired of lugging around that huge anchor of a camera that you have so that you can impress all your friends and fellow professional photographers and look like a pro? Have you been keeping up with the incredible advances that have been made in the high end point and shoot camera market? These cameras are often called interchangeable-lens compact (ILC). Well, I must say I am very intrigued and yes I can say I even lust for a great small camera that I can have with me all the time. These cameras and they are showing up all over the place and great advances have been made in quality and performance. Continue reading

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Eagan Art Festival 2011

It is time once again for the Eagan Art Festival. This is the 17th Eagan Art Festival and it has grown to be one of the best in the state with over 100 artists, youth events, music, assorted entertainment and of course great food. Continue reading

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Best HDR Book – Complete Guide to High Dynamic Range Digital Photography

If you have been trying to learn all the ins and outs of HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography but so far have not been able to pull it all together. If you have been reading all the on-line tutorials and … Continue reading

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Stone Arch Bridge

Stone Arch Bridge Originally uploaded by !!WaynePhotoGuy. I finally got out shooting the other day. I actually got to get out with a friend. Of course I had to go to my favorite place, The Minneapolis Stone Arch Bridge!!! ;-D … Continue reading

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Riverplace Originally uploaded by !!WaynePhotoGuy. The other day it was a rainy wet cold miserable spring day. The kid of day that makes you want to wrap up in a blacket and read a good book… But this thought in … Continue reading

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