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How to Photograph Fireworks Displays

Every year around the 4th of July I get the question how do you shot images from the great national holiday that look rich and capture part of the experience? It looks so hard it must be next to impossible to do right?

Well with a little bit of knowledge and some basic equipment, and essentials, you can capture these moments using your digital camera allowing you to keep these moments for posterity. So even if you’ve never tried photographing fireworks displays, it’s relatively easy to do using the information presented below.
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This is the place where you will find all or most of my blogrolls.  The front page is getting a bit too crowded and a little bit slow.  So in an effort to do a little house cleaning, let me … Continue reading

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Singing Gospel is A Lot of Work!

I didn’t know that singing Gospel music could be so much work.  We are preparing for a gospel music concert this coming Friday November 4th.  Hey, I guess that is tomorrow.  Anyway, we have been working very hard on this … Continue reading

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I was given a great honor today

Today I was honored by the incomparable Adrian Warnock on his UK Evangelical Blog.  He has awarded me the “Warnie Award” for Blogging excellence.  This is a huge honor and I am greatly humbled.  Thank you Adrian and welcome all … Continue reading

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