First Presbyterian Church Interior South Dakota II

First Presbyterian Church Interior South Dakota

WOW, I found an image I had not posted before.

Badlands National Park

So this whole purpose of this trip was…
1. To get away from normal life and to get refreshed a little bit.
2. To hike.
3. To learn some new techniques…
4. And to capture a certain picture that I had in my minds eye.

That certain picture was to be the majestic badlands (The grand canyon of the Midwest) in morning or evening light, you know, sunrise or sunset time frame.
Well it was only the first evening that we were there did we get any light conditions like I was looking for. So while I did not get the perfect shot I was looking for, I did have a great adventure.

Four guys from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul, went to the SD badlands for an early spring adventure. The guys were Dave Parker, Bob Martin, Barry Moore and moi (thank you Atlantys ).

It was 87F this particular afternoon and by the next morning it was 35F and the next day we had snow… ;-D

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