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Photo of the Day: New Orleans 9th Ward Devastation

New Orleans 9th ward Originally uploaded by !!WaynePhotoGuy. This is just a hint of the devastation that we saw in the 9th ward section of New Orleans. On this Fat Tuesday it may be worthwhile remembering all those that lost … Continue reading

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Conservatives are happier than liberals…

Goerge Will documents again how conservatives (read Republicans) are happier than liberals. Will is using a study by the Pew Research Center which is by no means a conservative think tank to make his point. A survey by the Pew … Continue reading

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by Bill Walker Walk.  Life is a walk of a certain amount of time. For some it is a long walk, while for others it may be a walk of a few years. For some, it may be over before … Continue reading

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New Orleans Trip Slide Show

If you recall a team from South Suburban Evangelical Free Church in Minnesota recently went on a trip to New Orleans to perform some Hurricane Katrina relief work and to care for some of the people effected by the storm … Continue reading

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Hurricane Katrina Relief: New Orleans Trip Report

By Paul Rivenburg February 4th – February 12th 2006 We left the parking lot of South Suburban on a very chilly Saturday morning. We drove in three different vans. At our lunch stop in Mount Pleasant, Iowa Ken discovered that … Continue reading

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Photo of the Day: New Orleans: Making Progress

New Orleans: Making Progress Originally uploaded by !!WaynePhotoGuy. There are signs of hope. Progress is being made in the process of rebuilding.

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SADDAM and the tapes about his WMD Program

You have of course heard about Scott Ritter.  You know the guy that was so mad about how the weapons inspections had been cut short before the Iraq war.  But have you heard about Bill Tierney?  Bill was a weapons … Continue reading

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Herbalife Rebounds From Founder’s Death

For complete story: Herbalife Rebounds From Founder’s Death. LOS ANGELES – Herbalife International thrived under founder Mark Hughes. Handsome, young and buoyed by his rags-to-riches story, Hughes built a billion-dollar business over two decades by inspiring legions of people around … Continue reading

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Parents Watch out for

Parents, I urge you to use great wisdom and common sense.  Watch what your kids are doing online.  Be careful with  Link: Kids endangered at Murdoch-owned MySpace. A website that encourages young people to post personal information about themselves … Continue reading

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When will I stop hurting?

By Bob Perks "I lost a loved one nearly a year ago. When will I stop hurting?" The question was simple but difficult to answer. She was challenging me. I wanted to help her, but I knew that only she … Continue reading

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