Conservatives are happier than liberals…

Goerge Will documents again how conservatives (read Republicans) are happier than liberals.

Will is using a study by the Pew Research Center which is by no means a conservative think tank to make his point.

A survey by the Pew Research Center shows that conservatives are happier than liberals — in all income groups. While 34 percent of all Americans call themselves "very happy,” only 28 percent of liberal Democrats (and 31 percent of moderate or conservative Democrats) do, compared to 47 percent of conservative Republicans. This finding is niftily self-reinforcing: It depresses liberals.

Basically poor conservatives are happier than poor liberals, rich conservatives are happier than rich liberals (note, George Soros is a screaming maniac).  Conservative religious people are happier than liberal religious people etc.

The study really comes down to people that think that they can control and/or change their own circumstances in life are much happier.

This study repeats what many other studies have shown.  So all my liberal readers, consider lightening up a little bit and become a conservative for the sake of your own happiness and ours.

I suppose my liberal readers will say conservatives are too stupid to be unhappy.  Good luck with that line of argement.  Remember when I think it was the New York Times published an article that conservatives were poor stupid people, they were innundated with faxes and emails from conservatives with their Ph.D.s and their tax statments showing both their brains and their earning power.

Dude just give up and become a conservative!!!

Complete Story: I’m conservative…and happy by George Will – Feb 23, 2006.

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4 Responses to Conservatives are happier than liberals…

  1. Democrats are upset because the number of Conservatives is growing by leaps and bounds. Why and how? Because we don’t believe in abortion and are having children at a much larger rate than liberal/Democrats. So as the years go by and the children grow up, assuming they vote like their parents, Conservatives will RULE! heh
    Nice blog

  2. Oops, for some reason it signed me in as TypeKey. I’m Typepad at Right Truth,

  3. John says:

    If ignorance is bliss..

  4. Jim Smith says:

    Then you should be incredibly happy…
    The facts keep telling us that conservatives are well educated, intelligent, hard working people with advanced degrees and make good money…
    So just stay in your deluted blissful condition John…

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