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Brookgreen Gardens Huntington Beach SC

If you really love beauty and especially like it in the for of sculpture you need to know of Brook green Gardens.  Link: Brook green. We visited this place a few years about when we went on vacation to the … Continue reading

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Original Text of the recent US Fatwa

I think this is pretty interesting.  We are starting to see some more major US Muslim leaders coming out pretty strongly against terrorism.  This is a great thing.  I think we need to be careful and discerning to make sure … Continue reading

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The Hickory Tree

A warm evening breeze caressed the expansive gardens at the old estate.  The perfume of hundreds of rose blossoms, released by the sultry air, wafted up to flirt with a myriad of clustered purple wisteria blossoms hanging from the arches.  … Continue reading

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Why does this killer drug not get pulled from the market?

Do you remember the weight loss drugs that were using Ephedrine in them.  As so as we heard that there were some adverse effects because of the use of those drugs, they were pulled from the market. But there is … Continue reading

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Red State Blue State Bumper Stickers

While I was on my vacation, I realize the power of a bumper sticker. What do I mean by that? Well let me explain. For our vacation, we drove from Minnesota to Daytona Beach Florida. While on the road I … Continue reading

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More flowers…

I went out shooting a few more pictures of flowers last night.  The sun was perfect, the neighbors flower garden is perfect and I felt a bit creative… You can find the results here…  Lilly Garden Please write back and … Continue reading

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By: Joseph J. Mazzella      I noticed something when I gave my youngest son a hug today: he is almost as tall as I am now. He is only 12 years old, but already is on his way to … Continue reading

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What is the truth about America’s Founding???

The left, liberals, God haters (you get the gist) have been doing their best to expunge God from the history of our country.  I must say, they have been quite successful.  If you were educated in our public schools (government … Continue reading

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People getting sick of the ACLU

It appears that more and more people accross our great country are finally getting sick and tired with what the ACLU has been doing.  For years they have successfully been removing the God of the Bible from our cultural landscape.  … Continue reading

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Awesome Photography

A good friend from ThinkingOnABlog pointed out an outstanding blog of photography to me today.  It is mostly of Toronto.  The pictures are so good, you feel like you are there. Check him out here… [daily dose of imagery] sunlit … Continue reading

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