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As new incidents on the London subway are flashing around the wires…

yet even Tony Blair, George Bush and John Howard attempt to maintain the fiction that ‘true Islam’ is a ‘religion of peace’. A local pastor here in East Anglia has maintained a high profile dialogue with Islamists for some time now culminating in a letter this morning containing a ‘veiled threat’ from an advisor tot he London School of Islamics.

I have just advised this pastor to go to the authorities with the letter. Even so, it does reveal how it is often impossible to maintain an meaningful dialogue with Muslim clerics – and what can happen when you do…make of it what you will.

For more go here.

And for more on the violence and murder taught in the Suras go a few postings down on my blog…though it ought to be made clear that many Muslims refuse to obey these teachings in practice, it does not change the reality that (unlike the Bible) the Qur’an and Traditions do actually teach this material.

Peter C Glover
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