Freedom – Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

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Freedom of thought and expression are two of the most basic tenants of any free society.
Without those two things, you do not have a free society.

We went to a must see movie this weekend. In Ben Stein’s (“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”) new documentary movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed Ben shows how little academic freedom exists in our universities if you want to discuss unpopular topics like the origins of life.

Much of the academic world thinks that the conversation should be closed because Darwinian Evolution has answered all of those questions… But, is that true????

If you do not think that is true as a professor, get ready to loose you job. Yes, that politically incorrect thought has been banned in the university… I thought the university was a place of open discussion and thought???? Think again…

At one point in the movie… (this most unbelievable point I think ) Ben is interviewing Richard Dawkins and pressing him on the point of where did that actual first cell come from for all life to begin so that everything could evolve from it.
Richard actually believes that some advanced life source from outer space seeded our planet with that first cell… Can you believe this stuff???? And he is the one that gets paraded out all the time as the expert in this area…

Well, my recommendation is to go see the movie…

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

BTW, yes I know this is going to make me very unpopular. But that is ok, I am used to being a trouble maker… 😉


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