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Freedom – Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Freedom Originally uploaded by !!WaynePhotoGuy. Freedom of thought and expression are two of the most basic tenants of any free society.Without those two things, you do not have a free society. We went to a must see movie this weekend. … Continue reading

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So Long Darwin…

85 Scientists Join Together in Urging Court to Protect Academic Freedom and Not Limit Research into Intelligent Design Theory. Harrisburg, PA – Eighty-five scientists have filed an Amicus Brief in the Kitzmiller v. Dover trial asking the Judge to “affirm … Continue reading

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The ‘Darwinist Inquisition’ Starts Another Round

Here We Go AgainThe ‘Darwinist Inquisition’ Starts Another Round September 30, 2005 It’s happening again: another scientist, another academic institution, another attempt to stifle freedom of thought. The “Darwinist inquisition,” as a Discovery Institute press release calls it, is as … Continue reading

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