Republicans Running Scared

Many liberals think that conservatives are automatons that agree with everything that the Republican congress and President say.  The current issue with the incredibly weak Vietnam like vote to set a “timeline” to get out of Iraq or at least place pressure on the President to get our troops out of Iraq is one of those situations that proves this thinking wrong.

Hugh Hewitt is doing a great job of speaking for many of us.  Read here and here and here.

Andrew McCarthy  does an incredible job of showing why the McCain Amendment is a terrible idea and must be rejected.


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  1. notArighty says:

    Liberals are correct about conservatives being automatons. Your latest post is an example of that, as well as your statement about Rockefeller. Opinions like your’s have got us into this war. Anyone who doesn’t agree with me is a traitor! And you say liberals are intolerant. How can one be any more intolerant than that?

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