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Is This a Moral War?

Liberal ney sayers to the war in Iraq are constantly carping on all the problems and mistakes in the war.  What we need to do instead is look at the real goals of the war, correct mistakes that have been … Continue reading

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Dean Goes Ballistic Again

Howard Dean, the man that could have been president, goes way over the edge again.  In an interview this Sunday on "Meet the Press" he made the claim… President Bush deliberately lied and deceived the American people and Congress to … Continue reading

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Dennis Prager: The left and hysteria

Dennis Prager is at the top of his game again today!  Commenting on the way the world work for the left he states… If you want to understand the left, the best place to start is with an understanding of … Continue reading

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Are we at war yet?

Now after the recent bombings in London I ask my liberal friends, are we at war yet?  Is this a worldwide war against terrorism or is this just something that America has brought on ourselves because we are so mean? … Continue reading

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