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Media slides past the real issue behind the oil crisis

+ + + MEDIA RESEARCH CENTER+ +MRC NEWS REPORT FOR MAY 2, 2006+ +From the Desk of:Douglas Mills 5/3/06 As difficult as it may seem, the media is getting the storywrong in the current gas crisis. Just last Tuesday, mediaoutlets … Continue reading

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Is Truth even a concern for the MSM?

David Limbaugh in his recent commentary is asking a question that I ask (in my head)on a very regular basis. My version is, if the MSM would publish an unbiased look at the reasons for the war etc and publish … Continue reading

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Peter Glover: MSM

Note from Peter Glover The MSM (mainstream media) is for many blogger part of the reason they got into blogging in the first place. The received wisdom however is that the USA is far worse off than the UK – … Continue reading

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‘Alice in Wonderland’ MSM World

From Peter Glover… Peter took Jim Pinkerton’s story on Blair’s ‘Kyoto torpedoing’ comments at the Clinton Global Initiative to the nationals here this week. It may well appear in the /Sunday Times/ tomorrow – but I wouldn’t hold my breath. … Continue reading

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