Don’t Brag!!! A story from a proud Papa

Nicole Rose Moran

You and I have both been told it’s not good to brag. Well I’m going to break that rule today because I have a good reason to brag at least just a little. You see my daughter Nicole is a gifted and talented singer. While it is true her abilities are a natural gift, she has also been working very hard to own her gift and bring it to the level of that now.

Recently Eagan High School presented their annual Variety show called Encore. That show is held during the school year and I think it’s purpose is to feature the excellent jazz band, theatre students, choir students and of course the incredible dancers.

This year Nicole had the opportunity to be involved in the show and she had the incredible fortune to be featured in a few songs. While I think Nicole would agree, her current favorite music type, even though she’s classically trained, is actually country she is all also very gifted with many other styles. I as a proud papa would have loved to hear her saying an Adele song, but alas that was not meant to be.

She got to sing a classic song from one of my favorite singers Norah Jones, “come away with me”.

She was so fortunate that the jazz band was so excellent, the young lady on the strings, Amy Ma, is a brilliant cellist, the wonderful guitar solo was played by Claire Altendahl who is only a high school freshman. Yes it is hard to believe that all of these people are high school kids. wow wow wow…

Then she was given the opportunity to lead off for the final two numbers of the show. She and Robin Bosiaka sang a duet of the incredibly popular Bruno Mars song “just the way you are” It is kind of funny. You see I’m out of some of the mainstream culture a bit so I had never even heard that song before. I went to and looked it up. It had 241 million views so I guessed it was kind of popular.

Well I know I am biased because I am dad but I think the Eagan version is even better than the original.

Then it gets even better when the whole troupe goes into the Lady Gaga song “Born This Way” With the energy, the volume and the dance kicking in gear, it was the perfect ending of the show.

So yes it is true I am a proud dad and I am biased, but maybe this time you would agree that sometimes it is ok to brag, at least a little.


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