Summary of webinar – Dan Zarrella, The Science of Social Media

I just listened to Dan Zarrella, The Science of Social Media

The Science of Social Media Marketing

In the seminar he is summarizing his free book here.
Zarrellas Hierarchy Contagiousness Engineering ebook

This is a summary of this conversation.

Designing contagious content strategy

Tweet Links
Tweet interesting Content

Twitter has three fields
Web address

Fill this stuff out
– Identify yourself
– Yes call yourself an expert
– Use guru

Use these words
– Official
– Founder
– Speaker
– Expert
– Author

Don’t just self reference
Talk about others
Be positive

Content Types
– Positive
– Learning
– Media
– Work

Interact with influencers

How to make people aware of your content?
Human brain selects. Filter out unimportant
– Tweet less so great content, less often.. When you are tweeting your own content.
– Friday, Saturday and Sunday are not bad days. There is less traffic and more retweets..
– Contra competitive timing. When social media is quiet you can get more exposure.

Motivation: What makes people want to share?
Average FB user has 130 fans
Remember, you are on stage
You are giving off a reputation
What to be known as a source of interesting content.
The more interesting content, the more interaction
You want to provide scarce information. When information is scarce, rumors spread. can give you some information on what people are searching for
When we see people take action, we assume these people are correct.
Social proof is a way to limit risk.
You want to be the first the retweet some new content.

Nouns and verbs in your content is more useful and more sharable.
You can not write too smart and get retweeted. Use short words and simple clear language.
Don’t try to sound smart, sound understandable.

Combine two distinct concepts or ideas into one. This can be very popular.

Social call to action:
It is great to say Please Retweet – It works.
Ask for comments.


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