How to create a Email Submit or Subscribe box on WordPress?

How to create a Email Submit or Subscribe box on WordPress?

 So I was doing some SEO work on my blog and the tools that test your site for SEO-niceness look for a “subscribe to site” capability.  On a previous blog that was very easy to do and frankly I was a little surprised that WP does not currently have that capability. 

So off I went searching for answers.  I quickly realized that it was not automatic and it was going to require a little code.  Not to worry, it turns out there is a solution that is relatively easy. 

Google’s Feedburner is our solution.  If you do not have a Google account yet it is time to get one.  You will want one because there are many tools for the both the webmaster and the web marketer alike.

1. Go to Feedburner at and either create a new account or login to your existing account.

2.  Now find Publicize tab for your feed and then find Email Subscriptions service.

3.  Turn on the email subscriptions service if it is not already on.

4.  That process with now have created some code for you to use in your WP site.  Copy the “Subscription Link” code from the FeedBurner box by highlighting it and pressing ctrl c.

5.  Login to WP, and go to the Presentation > Sidebar Widgets for your blog

Create a new text widget and give it a name. Drag the text widget to the place you want the submit box on your site in the sidebar.

6. Click the icon in the upper right of the widget to edit, then paste the email code into the text area.

7. Save your work and then go to your blog to see the results.

Now this is cool.  Thanks Feedburner!!


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