Mickey’s Diner in Lights St Paul Minnesota

Mickey's Diner in Lights
Mickey's Diner in Lights
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Mickey's Diner in Lights

Mickey's Diner a classic dining establishment in St Paul Mn.

Mickey's Diner is a 50' x 10' classic Art Deco diner car restaurant in Saint Paul, Minnesota. It was prefabricated in New Jersey by the Jerry O'Mahony Diner Company of Elizabeth, New Jersey, in 1937 serial # 1067, shipped to Saint Paul by rail, and installed downtown just before World War II. It looks much like it did then and is still open 24 hours a day (and according to its employees, non-stop since it started). It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983 as the only building of its kind in Minnesota. It is shown in several Hollywood movies, including The Mighty Ducks, Jingle All the Way, and A Prairie Home Companion, where it is featured prominently in the opening and closing scenes.

There is an additional location in the West 7th/Sibley neighborhood of Saint Paul that is decorated in the manner of a 1950s diner rather than the factory manufactured diners of the Great Depression and the Second World War. The West 7th/Sibley neighborhood location is under different management.

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  1. Q&A Site says:

    Wow, what a cool diner. Man, I miss the US. I lived there for 6 years. So much to see. Loved these Classic diners.

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