Pastors Rejoice:Pastors Retreat Network

The Pastors Retreat Network is a ministry that has energized more than 3,500 pastors nationwide by offering free retreats to both them and their spouses. Their goal is straightforward: to glorify God and build His kingdom by strengthening Christian pastors for better ministry to the people they lead.

The United States is currently losing approximately 1,200 small churches and 1,500 pastors each month. One of the reasons is that the work of ministry often takes precedence over their personal relationship with God – the reason they entered ministry in the first place.

While a pastor’s job can be exceedingly rewarding, it also can be weighed down by the responsibilities and stresses associated with serving their congregations. Their ability to succeed and thrive in ministry is deeply rooted in the quality of their personal relationship with God.

That relationship can best be attended to and developed during times of solitude, prayer and reflection, and in company of others who share a similar calling.  If you know of a pastor who might be interested in a retreat, will you please forward this information to him/her?

This service or ministry to pastors is free because the five-day retreats are supported through private, charitable contributions. That’s the beauty of this ministry. Now there’s a program available that cares for pastors and their spouses who spend so much time caring for others. If you have questions, please go to or call toll-free 1-866-703-9544. Thanks!


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  1. andrews frimpong says:

    i will like u to send me some bibles to deliver it to my people thanks i hope my request will be granted .this is my address below.
    BOX 370.

  2. alex says:

    Thanks to our GOD fopr is love

  3. Binu Pachat says:

    I want to pioneer churches in the capital of India (Delhi). I am looking for people who can join hands with me in ministry. Please guide.
    Thank you
    Binu Pachat

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