Anti-conversion law passed in ‘tolerant’ Algeria

Another Islamic government has made it illegal to convert to Christianity.

As attention focused on an Afghan Christian convert who faced the death penalty for his conversion, Algeria quietly passed a law that punishes anyone who persuades a Muslim to leave his faith, with up to five years in prison, and banishes house churches.

The government said the law’s purpose is to prohibit "clandestine organizations" it claims are secretly trying to convert Muslims, according to London-based Alarab Online.

Complete Story: Anti-conversion law passed in ‘tolerant’ Algeria.

While the western left is so totally consumed with "diversity" and "open-mindedness," why do we not hear anything from them decrying anti-diversity laws like this being put into place?  The answer is two fold.

  • Because they are not really into true "diversity".  They are into perversion.

  • Because they also are anti-Christian.


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    We don’t realize how good we have it sometimes…

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