Surprise, surprise! Saddam had WMDs after all

We have proof that Saddam had WMD’s, he said it in his own words.  Why is the press not saying anything about this?

I don’t know if I have any readers devoted enough to remember what I wrote in my column here on Jan. 7, so I’m not above telling you myself: I predicted we’d be learning that Saddam Hussein’s WMDs were "slipped across the border into Syria."

Now, it’s just a few weeks later, and we have in fact learned that was the case. I’m neither prophet nor genius on this stuff, and if I was catching on long before the first days of January, so were other people. Now we have enough increased evidence and detail to declare mystery solved.

The new mystery is why the politicians and the news media are taking scant notice.

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2 Responses to Surprise, surprise! Saddam had WMDs after all

  1. cwv warrior says:

    Thank God a bit of actual TRUTH is out there…ONLY because it couldn’t be hidden any longer! Let us relish the moment!

  2. NotARightyi says:

    Boy, that really takes the cake. Pat Boone, of all people! Get out your tinfoil hats, everybody…UFO’s are everywhere and Saddams WMD’s are in Syria! You really ought to step back and look how stupid that article really is.

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