Fear mongering over Alito

Look at this headline from Yahoo news: Democrats fear Alito may vote to outlaw abortion – Yahoo! News. The headine is just screaming fear mongering.

While it is true that Alito is strongly prolife and that he has made statements saying Roe v Wade was wrongly decided. If he voted to over turn Roe v Wade, it would not make Abortion illegal.  What would in fact happen is that the issue would be thrown back to the states where it can be decided on a state by state basis. 

It is at the state level where much of the real domocracy happens.  This is where the people get involved in local politics and have more say as to what is going on.

If this were to occur, what would most likely happen is that Republican would lose some national prominance.  You see the Republican party is by and large the Prolife party and pole and pole shows that most Americans are actually prolife. So removing this issue from federal politics would have the result of making Republicans find other issues to claim.  While most Republicans would hate this lose of power and prominance, it is actually the right thing to do.

So Liberals should act to confirm Alito for their own self interest.  Or I guess they could decide not to confirm him and remain the party of yesteryear for another generation.  I guess either way we are in a win win situation.

Go Sam!

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2 Responses to Fear mongering over Alito

  1. Please Excuse Me says:

    “pole and pole shows that most Americans are actually prolife”
    Sorry, please excuse me:
    CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll. Jan. 6-8, 2006.
    “With respect to the abortion issue, would you consider yourself to be pro-choice or pro-life?”
    Pro-Choice 53%
    Pro-Life 42%

  2. Wayne M says:

    For the CNN pole you must watch the questions. They generally ask about the 1st tri-mester when infact the abortion issue is about all nine months.
    Here is an interesting search you may want to check out.
    Here is an interesting site compairing many statistics.
    Personally, I am very pro-life.

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