American Corporations: Leading the Gay Agenda

Over the Christmas holiday my brother in law (BIL) and I managed to embarrass my wife my sister and my brother by talking openly about the damage homosexuality has done to the Catholic Church.  How did this simple little discussion embarrass these people you ask?  Well, we were out for dinner in a trendy part of south Minneapolis know for it’s high concentration of homosexuals and we were being served by what was most likely a homosexual and there was a homosexual couple sitting next to us. 

Of course we had had a glass of wine or two by then so we were talking with voices that were louder than normal and we were probably moving our hands and arms gesticulating wildly as we were trying to make our points more firmly.

Birthday celebration

Picture from the loud event….lol

Well, my brother in law was has found a fantastic post on freerepublic "The Corporate Curtain" commenting on how Corperate America is also in the fray pushing the homosexual agenda. 

If you are a lib, you will hate this article but you will not be able to dispute it.  If you are a conservative you will be yelling out loud I told you so or I knew it was like that…

My BIL, John comments…

As you can see, most corporations have bought in to the gay agenda.  The homosexuals and their supporters have these companies.

So my question is…and I think this is what Drew Mariani was getting at….if we boycott them all, how do we continue to enjoy the modern conveniences we’ve become accustomed to?

Corporations are amoral and will only go where the dollars go.  They know they can push Christians around because of our general peaceful attitude.  With the homosexuals, they know that it will be a total nightmare if they go against them.

I realize some will say I’m being judgemental, but then shall we just let the world go to the wolves?

Anyone care to guess where this agenda will stop?  I have my own opinions, but I’ll withhold them for now….

I for one am very bold on this point.  Unless there is a massive Christian revival, meaning people turing back to the God of the Bible, we will continue as Robert Bork wrote Slouching Towards Gomorrah.  This is not diffucult to see, yet most will refuse to see it.

Check out the article.  Thanks John.


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  1. cwv warrior says:

    Hi! No, I am not dead. Good heartfelt post. It’s the reason I blog. The God of the Bible IS the only answer. People need to reacquaint themselves and realize He meant what He said!

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