Movie Review: Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe

I went to “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” with my entire family (except for the little tike that was at the cousins house).  The movie is of course based on the book of the same name by C. S. Lewis.

My two oldest sons had already seen it but they had loved it so much that they wanted to go again with the family.  My oldest son was so enamored by it that he declined going out with a bunch of his friends in order to “be with family.”  Right!  He is 16, good grief.

Well, the movie was spectacular.  I had seen other animated versions of this story and they were all like cheap toys in comparison to this visual masterpiece. 

My kids have read the Chronicles of Narnia so many times that they have basically memorized the stories.  They are also huge movie critics and if a story is changed or scenes are cut out from the book, they get agitated or sometimes even made.  Recent examples of movies that have been very frustrating to the kids are Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter series.  They cut so much out of the movies because of interest of time and this just drives my children crazy.  But this movie was so very close to the original that is was just a pleasure.  I noticed there were a few lines added for comic relief or a visual element added for effect but that was not in the least bit distracting.

The computer generated creatures were very good and very realistic.  It was so weird seeing Mr. Tumnus the fawn which is bottom half deer and top half man. He was walking around with complete natural movement so that you thought he was a real being.  Aslan the lion looked exactly like a real lion.  It was remarkable.

The most remarkable occurrence of the evening was that my wife even loved the movie.  She has never liked the fantasy or mythology genre but this one was different.  It was so realistic that you were just pulled into the story and it became real.  For my wife to like this movie is like a rating of four thumbs up.  Great job Walden Media and Disney!


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4 Responses to Movie Review: Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe

  1. lyngperry says:

    Good review. Similar thoughts. Although a bit of a theological slant away from Aslan as Christ in that he said that even he (Aslan) had to submit to the deep magic of Narnia. Not sure that exact idea is in Lewis’ book. At any rate, it was meant to be accessable to the masses and it was. Those who knew it to be Christian could glean from it their themes and those who simply like fantasy could enjoy the show as well. Not as monumental as LOTR, but a good effort in the right direction. Thanks for sharing. lgp

  2. cwv warrior says:

    We finally saw it! It’s funny, my family was equally shocked when I fell in love with Lord of the Rings, the movie, since I have never been fantasy inclined either. These ARE different. The Christian worldview makes it so.

  3. sildenafil says:

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