Black ‘leaders’ caught in Katrina lie

Can you believe it, there really was no racism in the way that the government responded to the Hurricane Katrina catastrophy?  In a recent commentary, Black ‘leaders’ caught in Katrina lie Kevin McCollough points how slanted the coverage was about the response to Katrina. 

Basically saying that bush hated blacks and was not going to help them.  But the darn facts released from the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals show a very different story.  The problem is, this report will never see the light of day from the main stream media.  It does not fit into their agenda.

Go read the commentary.


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5 Responses to Black ‘leaders’ caught in Katrina lie

  1. notARighty says:

    Doing your bit to spread good will towards man?

  2. Wayne M says:

    Absolutely! Telling the truth is usually part of spreading good will towards men.
    Living in a lie does not help at all.

  3. notARighty says:

    “Telling the truth”??? What a joke. You get your so-called “truth” out of a tabloid.

  4. Wayne M says:

    I suppose you say the LA time is just a little tabloid also.
    The LA times to their great credit published the same story yesterday.
    Find that story here,1,922348.story?ctrack=1&cset=true
    Now what do you have to say?
    The truth is kinda a hard thing to deal with.

  5. notARighty says:

    Well, good job pointing that out!
    But you use this bit of news to say black leaders lie. For the life of me, I don’t understand why you spread such stuff. Why do you think it is the truth? And by the way, you pulled this from the MSM, yet you say they will not cover this story, but they did, didn’t they? Only they did not spread racism, like WND does.

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