Crossing Cultures

My wife found an interesting story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune today Best intentions weren’t enough to make a home.  The tribe seems to write is as if some horrible disaster occured.  The basic story is that a (white) family from Montevideo MN opened there home up to a (black) family from Louisiana that was devestated from Hurricane Katrina.  So this poor Singleton family that has never been out of Louisana moves in with a middle class midwestern family, and there is some conflict. 

After a month of squeezing in a small house, the conflict gets to be too much and the Singleton family decides to move out.  The Montevideo mom Tracey Thornbur says, "We still love each other. You can have a family feud and still love each other,"

From an outsiders perspective it looks like a case of lack of appreciation from those that have been given so much.  I know times of loss can be very difficult but, "A Joyfull heart, is good medicine," and also a pretty good rule of thumb for getting along in difficult situations.


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  1. cwv warrior says:

    Sad, very sad. Being of extreme nature and having spawned two more of the same, I can identify with relational difficulties. That’s why heaven is going to be grand! We will know ourselves perfectly, so we will communicate with each other perfectly because we will better know our Father. I long for it.

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