Bush lied about WMD’s in Iraq

I know many of you think that George Bush purposely lied about WMD’s to get us into the war with Iraq.  The argument goes something like this; The Bush family has a personal vendetta against Saddam Hussein because Bush’s father lost the first Iraq war.  Or maybe this, the Bush’s oil buddies want to make billions of dollars and control oil so we need to attack Iraq to do that.  And the way to get into this war is to claim that they have WMD’s.

The problem with this whole line of thinking is that if they were evil or crazy enough to totally fake an argument like this to get into the war, why would they not be evil or crazy enough to plant WMD’s and then tout in the press that they found them?  That would be easy do for any all powerful evil egomaniac like your caricatured of George Bush?

I think I would reanalyze your premise.


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7 Responses to Bush lied about WMD’s in Iraq

  1. notARighty says:

    Since they have not planted WMD’s to cover up their lie then they must not have lied. Yet another hackneyed argument by conservatives who also think racism is only a problem because black leaders say racism is the cause of their problems. Feel free to go around in circles and make junk policy.

  2. Wayne M says:

    You use the word hackneyed quite often….

  3. danni says:

    Well considering that George Bush allowed the use of WMD in Iraq himself, does that mean that he should be indighted alongside Saddam? I think so.
    I think you need to open your mind a little, to an outsider, your blog hardly appears neutral or well informed.
    I think the reason that no ‘planted WMDs’ were found were that there were many MANY international monitors there, making sure that they were not able to do precisely that.
    Seeing as the main premise for war was that there were WMDs. What is your opinion on the war? Your country’s men have died in the name of this war, and it was based on lies? What’s your justification for that?

  4. Philip says:

    Right on…
    This whole “Bush lied about WMDs” argument is shameless. So, Bush lied, the Brits lied, the Russians lied, countless other foreign intelligence sources lied. This is really hard to believe. I think it’s ironoc that the very people who claim that Bush is a dolt are the same ones that claim he cleverly tricked most of the Dems in Congress, all of whom had the same intelligence info he had. Either they’re wrong about Bush being a moron, they’re wrong about Bush lying, or they’re all incredibly stupid.

  5. notARighty says:

    The only shameless behavior has been by Bush. Bush got us into a war with no end in sight, for reasons that have turned out to be lies, and at the cost of thousands of American lives. He is the president, he made the decisions, he and his followers were willing to call those who opposed the war traitors, etc. The shamelessness can be rightly placed at the doorstep of Bush and his conservative followers, not those who oppose them.

  6. Wayne M says:

    I think we are going to be disagreeing on this one….

  7. Shameless indeed. The liberals shouting “liar!” have no idea what a lie is. Chances are, their very own favorite Washington cronie agreed wholeheartedly with Bush before the war.

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