Stand With Us for the Unborn

If you are a prolife activist at all, continue to read…

Despite a decidedly pro-life Congress, and a President who is
committed to protecting the unborn, pro-abortion activists are
lobbying hard to pass legislation that would throw open the
door to millions more innocent deaths.

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Answering the Cries of the Unborn
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To show my support for the unborn, I have signed’s "Petition for Life" petition calling on our
legislative leaders to do whatever is necessary to protect the
unborn souls of our nation who are being threatened by abortion.

A recognized grassroots leader in the fight for the unborn,
Grassfire has rallied more than 400,000 citizens with their
national petition–a petition that has already been presented
to many key leaders in Washington and beyond.

Right now Grassfire is calling on Pro-Life citizens to help
them rally an additional 100,000 citizen signers to help counter
the aggressive lobbying of activists who want to use my tax
dollars to fund Embryonic Stem Cell research.

Please use your voice to support the unborn by adding your
name to this important Grassfire petition:


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