Dennis Prager: Judeo-Christian values, part 24: Who believes in American exceptionalism?

What is American exceptionalism?  The belief that America often knows better than the rest of the world what is right and wrong.  If you ever a conversation about this topic with your liberal friends, this will drive them crazy.

Dennis argues that is belief comes from our Judeo-Christian values.
We believe in moral absolute truths.  There is no confusion about how to handle a situation that is clearly wrong.

Those that espouse American exceptionalism hold God, truth and Christian morality as the highest good.  The left holds changeable law as the highest good.  Of course what this implies is that he who makes the rules wins or power to change the rules is the ultimate good.

For the secular world, law has to be the highest definition of the good. Because it does not believe in a universal and objective morality as the Judeo-Christian world does, it has no choice but to put all its moral eggs in the legal basket. For the Judeo-Christian world, law is very, very important. But God-based morality is even more important.

Complete story: Judeo-Christian values, part 24: Who believes in American exceptionalism?.


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