Population and Immigration

It is a well accepted fact that in western societies families are generally having smaller families (except for in my church).  This phenomena has a significant influence on demographics, population and immigration.  Vox Day at WorldNetDaily presents an insightful commentary on the effects of a society relying on immigration to keep it healthy. 

The problem with population growth by immigration is that it is, at best, unproven and, at worst, insane to assert that families consisting of illiterate peasants from Guatemala and Somalia, murderous thugs from Rwanda and Liberia, and communist-educated professionals from China and Vietnam can be seamlessly incorporated into American society and its tradition of constitutionally limited government without irrevocably changing it.

This is not a racist discussion, it is indeed a cultural discussion.  So the question at hand is, Is our culture of value, and is worth preserving?  I say yes!

See what Vox has to say here. Making More Americans.

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