Is God mad at us?

Ok, The Reverand Jerry Falwell can sound a little whacked once in a while but on this one he is right on.

It seems like our nation has been forced to deal with greater than usual proportions of distress in recent days. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita did more damage than we can probably ever fathom. And now another brutal storm, this one known as Hurricane Wilma, is advancing toward Florida.

Complete commentary: Is God mad at us?.

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5 Responses to Is God mad at us?

  1. Surly Dave says:

    Jerry Falwell isn’t the only one to raise such a question, nor is it the first time he has raised such a question: He was one of the first to hop on the “God is mad” bandwagon after 9/11. Later on he said he never said it even though there was plenty of audio. Anyway, my question to the comment that God is mad at the U.S. is why aren’t other locations being nailed? Why not Green Bay? Why not Chicago? It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon when we have a bad year with the weather. It’s pretty cheap “prophesy” to prophesie (sp?) after the fact.

  2. Wayne M says:

    I Don’t think Falwell is doing any prophesying at all here. Clearly it is scripture that has already done the prophesying for him.
    He is stating the questions that others are asking.
    Is the end of the age upon us?
    Is God judging Planet Earth?
    Is the Second Coming of Christ at hand?
    Clearly these are worthwhile questions and clearly we are in the “end times.” Just like the apostles thought we were in the end times and of course they were right.
    The problem is, we just dont know how long the end times are.
    I think the main point is to be watchful, and be alert, for Christ is coming back again.

  3. Crystal says:

    I don’t think God is mad at us. Just pick up your bible and turn to the very last book.
    It seems plainly obvious to me what is happening in our world.
    For someone to suggest that God is mad at us only brings about issues of guilt and wonderment of why He would be mad at us. At least, for those who don’t truly read their scripture anyways. It’s not the kind of Christianity God wants us to have.
    Speaking of Falwell, my mother’s boss says of the “end times” …. I hope Falwell goes first. hehe.

  4. cwv warrior says:

    God does get mad, hate to break the news. (Books of the prophets) I can think of a couple reasons why He might be now…starting right here in my house! About Green Bay and Chicago? Don’t rush Him. Fear and wonderment, even a little guilt, ain’t gonna hurt anybody!

  5. crispy says:

    a loving is incapable of such acts…. we are made in his image and not the other way

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