Do Conservative Christians Laugh?

Stacy Harp from Writing Right asks the question Do Conservative Christians Laugh?.

Last week Janet Parshall was totally attacked by Randi Rhodes, liberal radio talkshow host from the dying and going bankrupt Air America. And since I am a fan of Janet’s, not only because she is a woman of integrity and principle, I started to follow the attacks from the left on her.

I have to say not enough do and it is time to change that.  Le’t get a sense of humor people.  Let’s live lives full of joy and humor.


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1 Response to Do Conservative Christians Laugh?

  1. mean Dean says:

    I sure do – hope that’s not against the rules?!
    Here’s a sample of some of my most recent ventures into jocularity in the form of parody:
    Gosh, I hope I’m not breaking the rules.
    Better go ahead and cover myself with sackcloth and ashes just in case.

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