Evolution-only president has heart attack

Is this guy getting a hint?

When University of Idaho President Tim White last week banned anything except evolution from being taught in science classes, he made national news.

He made local news in Idaho yesterday by having a heart attack – his third.

White’s edict came as a University of Idaho biologist, Scott Minnich, a supporter of the "intelligent design" theory, was set to testify in a Pennsylvania lawsuit brought by eight families trying to have this theory, branded as a new form of creationism, dropped from a school district’s biology curriculum. Minnich was asked to testify on behalf of the district.

Hours after White’s letter reached students, staff and faculty on Tuesday, the Discovery Institute, a Seattle public-policy group that funds research into intelligent design, blasted the order as an unconstitutional assault on academic freedom and free speech.

Complete story: Evolution-only president has heart attack.


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2 Responses to Evolution-only president has heart attack

  1. cwv warrior says:

    What IS encouraging is that both sides to the argument are set forth…I mean, now we have debate in many places. Hopefully, more to come!

  2. Lyn says:

    Unbelievable. It doesn’t get much clearer than this, does it? That is, the flagrant attempt at imposing a materialistic worldview. Naive. lgp

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