Is Cardinal Confused on Origins?

I have seen this confusion again and again amoungst leaders in the Catholic church.  They try to side with evolution and with creationism.  If you define evoulion as purposeless, naturalistic evolution (with no designer involved) like the hardcore evolution crowd does, the two can not coexist.

PARIS (Reuters) – A senior Roman Catholic cardinal seen as a champion of "intelligent design" against Darwin’s explanation of life has described the theory of evolution as "one of the very great works of intellectual history."

Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn said he could believe both in divine creation and in evolution because one was a question of religion and the other of science, two realms that complimented rather than contradicted each other.

Complete story link: Cardinal backs evolution and ‘intelligent design’.


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  1. Crystal says:

    Actually, I find this encouraging for myself. But I’ve always believed that evolution played a hand in creation. I’ve never believed that it was either one or the other, I’ve always felt it was both together.

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