Ann Coulter always makes me laugh

Ann Coulter always makes me laugh.  Check out her commentary.

Link: Actually, ‘judicial activism’ means ‘E=mc2’.

Democrats are so excited about Hurricane Katrina, they’re thinking of moving "Camp Casey" to an area outside the National Weather Service. What they haven’t figured out yet is how Richard Perle and the "neocons" cooked up a hurricane that targeted only black people. Meanwhile, rescuers in New Orleans have discovered a lower-than-expected 424 dead bodies or, as they’re known to liberals, "registered Democratic voters."


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4 Responses to Ann Coulter always makes me laugh

  1. lefty says:

    How is it funny to make jokes of people who died in a national tragedy, through no fault of their own? Inncocent people? Yeah, that is hilarious. To Ann Coulter it may be funny, but that is because she regularly spews a message of hatred and intolerence. To make a joke that the dead are “registered Democrats”, whom she views as traitors, spits on their human dignity, which is something she specializes in. For Christians, who value human life and dignity, she should be vilified. But she is not, she is validated. That is called worshipping an idol.

  2. Sarah T says:

    I’m glad you like Ann also.

  3. patrick says:

    Coulter is brilliant. She verbally refutes in a matter of seconds the banalities of liberal spin and dross. Sure, she’s sometimes acidic in the way in which she says things, but it is only in refutation to the venom that we conservatives have felt for years from the other side.The angst felt on the left was first felt on the right during those wonderful hazy crazy days, otherwise known as the Clinton years. What a legacy he has left on the office of the presidency! Talk about your ‘clean ups’…now there’s one for you!

  4. lefty says:

    Satan is also brilliant. That is who is inspiring Ann Coulter.

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