Jill Stanek: Commentary on Fetal Pain

Jill Stanek disects the discussion of fetal pain during an abortion. 

It’s weird how people think of fetuses. Last week, the news was filled with academic debate on whether pulling them apart hurts them. I dissected a dead fetal pig in college, and that gets more reaction from people than talking about dissecting live fetal humans.

Just imagine the howling you would hear if a land owner discesect a spotted owl that was still in the egg, or a seal that was still in it’s mother.  The lack of intellectual integrity is astounding.

Check out the rest of Jill’s commentary: Hush, little fetus ….


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One Response to Jill Stanek: Commentary on Fetal Pain

  1. Jason Dollar says:

    Only God can help people who are blind to truth see just how illogical they are being. The fact that there is an actual debate over the possibility of whether a fetus feels pain should be, in my thinking, enough to STOP all abortions until we know for sure. Shouldn’t the debate itself be enough to help people see how brutal and inhumane this practice is?

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