Junk Science and Our Text Books

Why are many of the science textbooks in our children’s classrooms suspect?  The quick answer is in the politically correct age, the book publishers are using junk science to espouse there suspect agenda.

Of course this comes into play in the realm of the evolution education debate.

Pamela R. Winnick writes a great article in "The Weekly Standard", A Textbook Case of Junk Science  documenting some of the junk science.


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1 Response to Junk Science and Our Text Books

  1. Karl Priest says:

    Following are facts extreme evolutionists don’t want the public to know.
    1. I am a recently retired public middle school mathematics teacher in West Virginia with over 30 years experience as an educator including administration.
    For the last five years of my full-time career, with the full knowledge of State, County, and ACLU officials, I demonstrated to my students that mathematics proves beyond the shadow of doubt that evolutionism is nonsense. The students saw that the evidence clearly shows that every item associated with humans, animals and plants are Intelligent Designs and Intelligent Design is science because it is observable by billions of people trillions of times, always has been, always will be. I always let them figure it out for themselves and allowed them to believe what they chose, but at least they were exposed to the scientific facts that extremists want to censor from the minds of public school students. After the lesson a student from an atheist family said, “Evolution is silly.”
    2. Currently, as a substitute teacher, I have contact with more public school students than ever and take advantage of every opportunity to provide them with the facts described above.
    3. Evolutionists are bluffing when they say their beliefs are scientific. Be sure to look at the list of evolutionists who refuse the debate challenge from my friend Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo. See the list at http://www.csulb.edu/~jmastrop/. Click on the Life Science Prize at the bottom.

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