Book Review: Seeds of Deception

When I began reading the “Seeds Of Deception” by Georgiana Preskar, I was immediately turned off by the alarming, panicky tone that is evident in her chapters. I jumped to the conclusion that she was over reacting to subjects being taught to our children in our schools. Who wouldn’t want their children to learn how to accept others, respect their difference, not be bullies and get along with everyone? Boy was I wrong!

Ms. Preskar points out how our society has allowed itself to be gradually brainwashed in to accepting a “No Values” system.  Right and wrong no longer exist.  They have been replaced a twisted acceptance of everything being right and moral absolutes are extinct.  Ms. Preskar tells of the process of her eyes being opened to deceptive methods used by the politically correct community that are rapidly changing our society’s core values. 

Whether or not you know it, our children have been taught that they must not only tolerate the homosexual lifestyle, they must accept it, and embrace it.  Our schools are changing curriculum to include these ideals into many aspects of education and at very young ages.  When did allowing homosexual individuals to ‘come out of the closet’ without repercussions mutate into affirming homosexual’s choices, allowing them to express their sexual flamboyance in public, and encouraging experimenting with the lifestyle choices at early ages?  Who gave permission for this madness?

Tolerance (to recognize other people’s right to have different beliefs or practices without an attempt to suppress them) only works one way in our society.  We must tolerate the homosexual life style.  However, homosexuals do not tolerate our beliefs.  The homosexual activists are working very hard and are succeeding in suppressing the beliefs of the majority of American people that marriage is between a man and a woman and that our children should not be indoctrinated with diversity and homosexual education. 

Although I initially rejected the tone of Ms. Preskar’s book, I eventually found my eyes being opened to the alteration of our society.  I appreciated historical references to societies in the past and how they fell into the trap our country is falling into today.  I did enjoy her many references to conservative leaders in radio, television, and political world that I listen to and read about daily.  I originally thought ‘this is not happening in my back yard’, however, after doing a bit of research I find that it is in my back yard and in everyone’s yard.  Although I don’t agree with everything Ms. Preskar writes in “Seeds of Deception”, I find her book very informative on the principles the homosexual movement espouse, the deceptive methods they are perpetrating, and the changes our society has gone through over the past two decades.  It is alarming the speed in which the metamorphosis has occurred, leading to a compelling reason for the panic in Ms. Preskar’s writing.

Anne C Moran

This book was provided by Questions and Answers through Mind and Media. I do not receive any consideration for this review other than the book.

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9 Responses to Book Review: Seeds of Deception

  1. Lenora says:

    Your comment “not in my backyard” is true. My daughter was chosen to go on a special fieldtrip because she works hard in class. The fieldtrip? She brought home a permission slip to go to a Buddhist Temple! Can you believe it? She’s not allowed to pray in school but it’s perfectly ok to drag her from her academic studies to learn about Buddhist prayers and their religion. So separation of church and state only applies to churches and not temples? What deception and what a double standard.
    Keep up the wonderful book reviews.

  2. Anne M says:

    Thank you for the kind comments. Check back often. Hey, how about subscribing to the email list.

  3. eli says:

    The main point here is that she learned about the Buddhist religion, not that she was made to worship the Buddhist religion. So where is the deception and double standard? I’ll tell you where — you deceive, and you are the one with the double standard.

  4. James S says:

    The question is, do you ever see public schools going to Christian churches for field trips?
    Answer NO.
    That is not allowed anymore. But you can go to a Buddhist temple, Islamic masque, Indian religious ceremony, Wiccan Goddess festival or an earth worship Gaia festival. Those are all ok.

  5. eli says:

    That is ridiculous. Why would they do that? To learn about different cultures?
    Since they went to a Buddhist temple that means they must now visit a Christian church, it means now they must be allowed to pray in public schools? Just how politically and religiously correct do we have to be to satisfy you partisan fundamentalists? One can’t even go on a field trip without you all getting your shorts all in a bunch.

  6. James S says:

    You miss the point. Listen carefully here. Would you agree there are a bunch of kids in our schools that have never been in a Christian church? Maybe there are some Buddhist kids or Muslim kids in our schools that have never been in a Christian church. So, would it not be just as much of a cultural experience to have those kids go to a Christian Church? Of course it would, but that would never happen because everyone would scream foul!
    Don’t we have a double standard here?

  7. eli says:

    Respectfully, I disagree. While you may have a point that there might be Muslim kids that have never been to a Christian church, it is not the predominant culture in America. Christianity is. Therefore, it is not the same. Double-standard, no (unless we must be so precisely correct about everything, especially to satisfy the religious right – only then would your logic be satisfied.)
    And remember – if you were reading carefully — she said this was an outrage (in so many words) because prayer was not allowed in school. You keep ignoring that.

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