God Wants You to be Happy: The Marks of a Happy Person

By Warren Coe
South Suburban Evangelical Free Church

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Psalm 1:1-6


1.  A churchgoer wrote a letter to editor of a paper & complained it made no sense to go to church every Sunday.  I’ve gone for 30 yrs now, he wrote,
● In that time I’ve heard something like three thousand sermons, for the life of me, I can’t remember one.
● So, I think I’m wasting my time and the pastors are wasting their by giving sermons
● This started a real controversy in Letters to Editor column; to delight of Editor.

2. It went on for weeks until someone wrote this clincher: I’ve been married for 30yrs.  In that time my wife has cooked some 32k meals.
● For life of me, I can’t recall entire menu for single one of those meals
● But I know this: They all nourished me and gave me the strength I needed to continue.
● If my wife had not given me these meals, I would be physically dead.

3.  Likewise, if I had not gone to church for nourishment, I would be spiritually dead today!  We probably won’t remember the title of this message in two weeks.  That’s okay.
● What we do know is that God feeds our soul through his word.
● And he has been nourishing us from Psalm 1.  Ps1 is one of 150 Psalms in the book of Psalms.
● Hebrews called the Book of Ps tehillim=praise.  It was Israel’s worship book

4.  Ps1 is placed in 1st place because of its theme.  How blessed is the man!  Here is summary of entire book of Ps, in fact entire Bible.  How blessed…
● God means for us to live happy lives.  No person modeled happiness better than Jesus.
● Weddings, children in lap, living in joy, praying for joy & dying in joy.
● Blessing & happiness is theme of Ps1.  V1 is the negative.  V2 is the positive.

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The next in teaching of Ps1 is the marks or characteristics of the happy man.  The first mark is
1.  Look carefully at V3.  Metaphorically the happy person is like a firmly planted tree.  There are three important objects here. 
● 1st the tree is cultivated not wild.  God plants wild and fruitless people in the soil of his grace.  1 Peter 2:10 Once U were
● 2nd, tree is well-watered (canals).  God continually refreshes us with spiritual water.  Jn7:38
● 3rdly, The tree is firmly planted.  The right soil and water send roots deep into ground 

2.  The Lord is saying God’s happy people are durable.  While hot winds and drought wither the godless, blessed person endures.  Why?  They are secretly watered by grace
● There’s a wonderful doctrine called Perseverance of saints; God’s saved endure.
● In spite of hardships and difficulties they press on.  Many verses serve as foundation for this principle.
● This durability isn’t grin and bear it but deep joy.  Blessing during drought see Jer17:7-8
3.  What about people who professed faith but faded away.  Once they walked with God & now they don’t?  The answers is in Ps1:3  They were never planted by God
● Old timers called them Mere confessors. Outward, temporary people.
● God’s people, on the other hand remain because the spiritual roots go deep in God’s grace
● Ireneus (church Father) endured though threatened and finally put to death. Why?  He had this happiness or Joy!

The happy person is durable in the face of life’s ups and downs; this is 1st mark of happy man
1.  Fruitfulness is the next mark of happy person.  The blessed person is fruitful.  What does this mean?  Consider what it meant in context of ancient horticulture.
● Israelites cultivated, pruned & watered each tree; olive, fig, almond, persistently.
● Yields would supply food for family & bring in money when the fruit was sold.
● Without such care the tree would become wild & fruitless & profitless to farmer.

2.  What kind of fruit does happy person produce?  Notice V3 it is seasonal.  That is, throughout the seasons of life, the happy person is always bearing fruit.
● Ga5:22-24 It is supernatural fruit.  Can’t be worked up or manufactured.
● Mark Richie, turned a small investment into 100’s million to give to Christ’s work.
● Eric Liddell internment camp, Mrs. Spurgeon 6,916 books to pastors though sick
● Harriet Tubman freed 300 slaves, in her 90’s helped poor.  Joni, M. Luther, etc

3.  Return to Ps1:3  Notice, leaf does not wither.  Blessed person is spiritually healthy.  Spurgeon considered this a reference to a Christian’s beauty.  A happy person is radiant & fruitful 
● Oh for more radiant fruitful people!  You know them.  You’ve been around them.
● They are refreshing & nourishing to be around.  You go away fed.
● You go away encouraged & strengthened; by their lives they heal & bring joy

The happy person is not only durable but fruitful.  And notice the 3rd mark of happy person
1.  Topic of prosperity is both interesting & confusing to many Christians.  What does it mean to live a prosperous Christian life?  Does God want me wealthy?
● Is health, possessions, conflict-free, accident-free life meant in Ps1:3?
● The word can mean profitable or success in the monetary sense.
● But it has a far wider meaning.  Jo1:2,3 success in leading God’s people.

2.  It means success in our work.  2 Ch 7:11.  In Ge32:12  the word is used in association with having a family.  1Ch16:2 wages we earn is form of prosperity.
● 3 Jn 1:2 here it speaks of the prosperity of our soul.  So it has wide meaning
● Great caution should be exercised whenever we come to this word.  Be careful.
● Context.  Just as happy person is fruitful, he is also prosperous in everything.

3.  Now there is a correlation with V2 & this mark of the blessed Christian.  It is this, because he delights in God’s law, he also obeys that law; he bends his will to Gods will.
● In other words he plays by the book, he lives by the Book & so succeeds.
● Read thru 1Sam when God was preparing David for king, David called on Lord.
● But when you come to 2Sam11, Bathsheba, he forgets to call on Lord.  The result is failure.

This is a mark of the happy person, they bend will to God’s word & succeeds in all they do
1.  What are marks of blessed person? 
● 1st, he is durable; he can face the storms of life. 
● 2nd, he is fruitful, in season & out of season he bears divine fruit.
● 3rd mark of the happy person; he prospers in all he does.
These are the three marks of the happy person from Ps1:3

2.  Perhaps you are wondering if these marks are impossible for anyone.  It seems impossible to be this kind of person?  You are right!
● What is being described is a converted transformed human by power of Christ.
● The Greatest historical event is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  By his death sins forgiven, by his resurrection we have a new birth
● His life within is the secret of a happy life.  Jn 14:23 John answered & said to him, If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; & My Father will love him, & We will come to him, & make Our abode with him.

3.  The Christian life was not designed to be lived apart from the supernatural, indwelling power and presence of God.  Christianity was meant to be lived in power of God.
● But sin changed all that.  The futility, frustration, emptiness is sin-caused.
● The Bible says all of have sinned, and wages of sin is death.
● Everyone wants to be happy.  Few are because of willful, resident sin.

4.  Today God is making an offer to all who hear His word in Ps1.  He invites you to enter into the blessed life he has designed.  How?
● Listen to Jesus.  Repent and believe.  Turn from self-directed, sin dominated life
● Let God indwell, control & direct your life.  Its only way to life the happy life
● I’m going to present the most important offer in this life.  Will you believe!

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