Revelations on NBC

Fantastic television is on it’s way! This is a meaning exploration of faith and the end times on primetime television.  Read the story below…

It’s the end of the world — on NBC

‘Revelations’ a mini-series of religion-flavored drama

NEW YORK (AP) — For some viewers, NBC’s miniseries based on the Book of Revelation may seem the latest signpost on the road to Armageddon.

"Revelations" premieres less than two weeks after the death of Pope John Paul II. Meanwhile, the right-to-die battle waged over Terri Schiavo echoes in the series, in the character of a Miami girl who is declared brain-dead after being struck by lightning — then is witnessed speaking the word of God.

But judged as television, not an omen of the End Times, "Revelations" isn’t much of a revelation. Instead, it makes for pretty standard popcorn fare. If the end of the world really is near, you might consider spending your limited time on something better than this creepy, gloomy show.

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