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It Is Finished – Cathedral of St Paul, St Paul MN

It Is Finished Originally uploaded by !!WaynePhotoGuy. Listening to: The Gaither Vocal Band: It is Finished "It is Finished" is one of last seven phrases that it is recoreded that Jesus said while on the cross. Find more details here … Continue reading

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God Bible and The Death Penalty: Capital Punishment

Many people with kind compassionate hearts are appalled at the concept of capital punishment. The idea that we as a government would take the life of someone that has committed a heinous crime is in conceivable to then and they think it is against God’s law or against the will of God somehow. I often hear the arguments like
• as the person is alive, they have an opportunity to repent
• It is not our place to kill a person. The is to be left to God
• The ten commandments say “Thou shall not kill”
These are common thoughts and common misconceptions so let’s try to sort these issues out.
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Kindle 2: Amazon’s New Electronic Book

If you are anything like me, you like high tech stuff, you are very connected to the internet, and you love to read all that great online content and resources. But you also like to be able to physically carry your book around that you are reading. And, you also want to have a huge library available at your fingertips. Oh and you also want news resources to be instantly available to you and access to your favorite blogs all done without wires.
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The Best Digital Photography Book

Scott Kelby in his book The Digital Photography Book covers it all in his expert teaching style that will get you up and running capturing images in no time that look totally professional. His style is not heavy theory, but instead his style is much more down to earth with great step by step examples… Whether you want to shot family events, sports photography, flowers, landscapes, weddings architecture, cityscapes and night life, Scott shows you how to do it.
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Mill City Minneapolis Moody

Mill City Minneapolis Moody Originally uploaded by !!WaynePhotoGuy. Minneapolis is often known as the Mill City. This name comes from the grain mills on the mighty Mississippi that helped to produce much of the wealth of the city… Names such … Continue reading

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